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MACA - the Sex Tonic Root

An ancient fertility herb from Peru, Maca is a small shrub that is grown at high altitudes in the Junin Plateau located in the Central Highlands. Maca’s root is similar to that of a radish or a turnip. It is a vegetable in the same cruciferous family as broccoli, and has long been very popular among native Indians of South America where it is cherished as a fertility and aphrodisiacal agent. Generally, it is believed that the many active constituents in Maca improve sex drive and energy.

Helps Male Fertility & Libido 

It is the Maca root that actually contains the botanical compounds that provide the effects for which it is identified, such as it’s ability to increase libido in both sexes and fertility in men. Studies have shown that it can increase semen volume, sperm count and sperm motility. It is practically considered to be the best herb in nature for nourishing the pituitary and endocrine systems responsible for producing sex hormones while it helps to increase natural antioxidants. It is of adaptogenic quality and can moderate hormone imbalances. It allegedly boasts energy-enhancing properties; possibly due to the p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate it contains which is believed to be aphrodisiacal in nature. Men report different benefits from the herb, from improved sexual desire and semen quality to a healthier prostate. When dried and stored, the root can maintain its potency for several years.

Check It Out

Not surprisingly, Maca has earned a bit of justifiable notoriety. It has become quite popular. Its root powder is commonly used in a wide variety of sex energy booster supplements and natural herbal tonics. It has proven effective in combatting fatigue, aiding the betterment of general nutritional deficiencies and promoting a stonger immune system. It is also believed to reverse the affects of aging by restoring vitality and erectile function. It is a key ingredient in the Anti Aging Solution For Erectile Tissues remedy which has been a favorite among men since its initial formulation years ago.

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