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Keep Him Going: The Sneaky Way to Improve His Stamina
I’m sure there aren’t many of us out there who are completely satisfied one hundred percent of the time with our sex partner’s longevity in bed. Naturally, we can’t complain to their faces about it, but you can be sure our best friends know exactly how long our current lover can last, and what our thoughts are on it.
What’s a girl to do? Well, there’s one way to keep him in shape, and he won’t even know it! Ever heard of a cock ring? If you live in the States, it’s almost impossible that you shouldn’t. I remember being in high school, and, upon buying a box of condoms with my boyfriend, realizing that they came with a “vibrating cock ring”. What an eye-opener that was. But I’m older and wiser now, and here to tell you what’s good: a cock-and-testicle ring.
Cut the Cum
Sounds like a cock-and-bull story to you? It shouldn’t. There are numerous reasons why a toy like this can help you in the bedroom. Firstly, it really will prevent your guy from ejaculating. It’s not a surefire cure against Johnny-come-quicklies, but it’ll definitely buy you some time to get going yourself. The reason it holds back Jimmy’s juice is because it constricts the tubes that run from the testicles to the penis. No semen, no cummin’. It’s just that easy.
However, as I mentioned, it’s not a certain solution, because—depending on what kind you get—it’s not seriously clamping down your man’s fluid conduit, just crimping it a bit. If you were of a mind to get seriously into preventing orgasm, you could look into BDSM level rings. These are able to so constrict a man’s testicles that he is unable to orgasm until you give him the go-ahead—by taking off the ring.
Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger
Besides increasing your lover’s longevity, it can also up your pleasure potential, by keeping him as long and hard as you want, for as long as you want, and as hard as you can take it. The “cock” part of a cock-and-testicle ring loops around the penis itself. You place the ring on as soon as your partner has reached maximum engorgement. Then you enjoy the ride of your life. The blood stays firmly inside the penis, and the penis stays firm inside of you. He’ll also be enjoying himself, as a fuller erection allows him to experience superior pleasure from a greater number of exposed nerve endings.
Finally, as if you needed more, most entry-level cock-and-testicle rings come finished with a vibrating bullet on the front. That’s all you, baby. Straight up, hardcore clitoral stimulation. Use him, I mean it, as you wish. Your guy will never know what hit him.
Kick It Up a Notch
So, if you’re looking for a little something extra out of your latest lover, or if you just want to spice up playtime between with your usual, I’d highly recommend trying a cock-and-testicle ring. They’re lots of fun, and there are plenty of options to suit every partner group. (TRY: Vibrating Cock Rings for Urgent Erection Saver) I’ve never met a man who didn’t want to see my toys, and I’m sure you’ll have the same success. Best wishes!
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