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Everything’s Coming Up Roses: How Evening Primrose Oil Saves My Soul (and Sex Life)!
In my family, we all tend to feel a bit tense at certain times during the month. My mother, sister, and I all begin to be exasperated with everyone and everything about a week before our menstruation starts. Not only that; my mother and I both crave physical affection when our periods finally start, and tend to be a bit mopey. None of this is out of the ordinary on the range of premenstrual syndrome symptoms, but when I was still a young woman; my mom brought home an herb we all felt was an instant fix.
A Systemic Solution
Evening Primrose Oil is an easy-to-find herbal supplement that has a wonderfully beneficial effect on my state of mind. I’ve been taking it since I was about twelve, not only when I’m having period problems, but any time I feel irritable or down. I must have it when I travel, or I begin a downward spiral. When friends come to me and tell me they feel touchy, grouchy, or that they’ve got the blues, I invariably tell them to try some of my Evening Primrose.
Activate Your Mind
But why is Evening Primrose such a powerful mood modulator? It has to do with the type of fatty acid contained inside the oil. The words “oil” and “fatty” probably do little to encourage your desire to consume this herb, but if anything these words should promote your ingestion. In Evening Primrose specifically is omega-6, a GLA (gamma-linoleic acid), which the body converts into prostaglandin E1, a brain signaler.
This specific hormone is necessary for all the messaging of the brain, thus when levels are low; problems arise in mental sectors such as memory, concentration, and mood. Increasing prostaglandin E1 pretty much lubricates your brain function, making the world a better place, as perceived by you.
The Regulator
But that’s not all this little beauty does. I didn’t realize this aspect of Evening Primrose when I was younger, but it can also boost your sexual health and pleasure. Because prostaglandin E1 is a neurochemical, it helps to regulate hormone function as well. That means, if you’re having problems like improper vaginal lubrication, vaginal looseness or tenderness, loss of desire, sexual disinterest, or sexual dissatisfaction, Evening Primrose can help you there, too!
That’s because all of the above listed problems are dependent on hormonal balance. Vaginal lubrication and sexual interest depend on the hormone estrogen. If estrogen levels are down, your vagina will stop properly lubricating, and will also begin to lose sensation, whilst you lose your pleasure motive. Improper estrogen also impedes proper sexual response, because it inhibits oxytocin production—a hormone we need, as it gives us our orgasms.
Libido and vaginal looseness are likewise linked to a hormone, this one being testosterone. It’s interesting how a male hormone can control vaginal tone, but it’s due to testosterone’s effect on all the muscles of a body, keeping them well supplied with protein and in good working order. Testosterone is also what puts the female drive on “prowl” mode—making us feel sexy and desiring of having intercourse.
Evening Primrose rectifies these issues by getting the brain back into hormonal alignment. Once the brain has taken tally of, and signaled for, more or less hormones, you can begin your body’s best sexual experience.
Good for Everygirl
So, if you aren’t sold on Evening Primrose yet, I don’t know what else to tell you. It’s my opinion that everyone can use it in one way or another, and as it’s completely harmless, with only positive benefits, why not give it a try and see what it can do for you?
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