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The Four Biggest Triggers of the Female Libido
Just about every one of childbearing age enjoys sex on some level. Men think about sex almost every hour on the hour-- no surprise here. With women, though, the libido is far more complex. Some women are content to have their needs fulfilled once a month, while others crave sex every single day, or even multiple times per day. So why do women's sex drives have so much variation? What factors influence the female libido? Numerous issues remain at work here, all of which play an important role of separating the sexually insatiable from the sexually indifferent. 
Four Factors That Impact Libido
  1. Hormone levels. This is perhaps the most obvious, and the most important factor. Hormones like estrogen and progesterone play a key role for managing a woman's sex drive, and it may surprise you to learn that testosterone also factors in. When you have a sex with a man, it raises the level of testosterone in your body and increases your sex drive accordingly. So if you're struggling with low libido, the solution may actually be more sex. 
  2. Age. As you get older, your sex drive will naturally diminish. Menopause can play an especially prevalent role in the decline of your sexual desire. If you find yourself in this category, herbal supplements can restore your libido. 
  3. Stress. Do you find yourself constantly bogged down by the pressures of life? If so, get away for a spa weekend and enjoy some therapeutic relaxation to restore your sex drive. Relaxing activities like meditation can help you de-stress and enjoy sex. And don't forget to get plenty of rest. This is one essential health tip that we all tend to neglect from time to time. 
  4. Societal factors. Did you grow up in a religious household? Were you raised with a lot of guilt and fear about sexual desire? If so, you may still be harboring those sensibilities subconsciously. As research notes, societal factors have a lifelong impact on a women's sex drive. 
Getting Your Libido On Track 
If you're reading this, chances are you already have a desire to have great sex. Perhaps the necessary tingles just aren't manifesting themselves the way that you'd like. Referring to the examples above, try to determine the reasons why your libido is so low, and then take any steps necessary to reverse the trend. It might be an herbal supplement, a commitment to stress management, or even just pushing yourself to start having more sex. Sex has innumerable physical and mental health benefits for both men and women, so think of your efforts as an investment in what matters most: you!

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