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Is Masturbation The Real Culprit Behind All Those Bottles Of Hair Dye?

It's an unfortunate truth, but also a natural one. Graying hair is just another organic transition that we must endure as women. And though I don't mind a little gray on my man, I would definitely have a problem with even a single strand of gray on my own head. Just as in many other cases of the natural aging process, men win this one too. When a man has salt and pepper hair, he's just classified as a distinguished gentleman. When a woman has any gray in her hair what so ever, she's immediately classified by society as an old hag. So why does this happen to our precious hair follicles, no matter how well we take care of it?

Just The Facts
As women age, the production of melanin, or follicle pigment, begins to considerably lessen. This is the essential reason why our hair goes gray. However, there are young ladies out there that begin to see gray hair generation at earlier ages, because they are either stressed out or sexually exhausted. Sexual exhaustion is usually caused by excessive masturbation or climaxing. In addition to fatigue, inability to orgasm, and loss of vaginal sensitivity, sexual exhaustion can also cause your hair to gray.
This is because, masturbating to an abundant level can harm your liver’s capacity to break down and liberate the precise enzymes used for sex. When these special enzymes, such as desmolase are not able to be released into our systems, it becomes impossible for the ovaries to convert the 17-hyoxyprogesterone into the hormone androstenedione. Androstenedione is used to further power testosterone and estrogen into a catalyst to make an orgasm possible, and to heighten our sex drive.
How To Fix It
Obviously, if you've noticed some gray in your young, lustrous locks, and you're not particularly stressed out...You should consider pressing pause on clicking the button. Of course, it is perfectly normal to explore your body and pleasure yourself. However, women who have passed their pubescent phase in life should keep the masturbating down to a three-times-a-week minimum.
I would also recommend utilizing an herbal remedy that includes Ligustrum in it. (TRY: Vaginal Detox & Infection Relief Formula) Recent studies have shown that ligustrum improves the functionality of the liver and the spleen. When taken orally, ligustrum paired with Vitamin C will greatly increase the liver's SOD activators by fifty-nine percent. ligustrum actually has the power to improve many major aging symptoms, including; blurred vision, visual impairment, and early graying of the hair. The herb champions over the age-associated symptoms because of its ability to revitalize the liver’s health, which subsequently helps the liver to expel harmful toxins from the body.
So don't waste ten to twenty dollars of your hard earned money on yet another box of touch-up hair dye! All you really need to do is go all natural...And get a little less freaky with yourself.

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