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Girl, You Nasty! What it Means When Your Pink Stinks
We’re all familiar with it. Especially during the summer, it seems like when you step into a public bathroom the whole place smells like the super meat combo at your local pizzeria. Hot cheese, anyone? Even at home, after a long, hot day, or a hard workout, you might find a little gaminess in your under drawers.
Gunk On My Junk
This kind of smell is perfectly normal. It’s probably accompanied with a thick, pasty discharge collected on and around your labia. What is it? To be perfectly frank, it’s sweat and dead skin cells. Known scientifically as smegma (yes, the smegma all men seem to joke about—if hopefully not to suffer from—also known colloquially as “Fromunda cheese” [at least in my family]), it’s found in both men and women, in situations where thin, delicate tissue is kept moist and lightly agitated, read: subscrotum and interlabial.
The smell is from the bacteria feeding on this byproduct. It’s easily removed with water, just be sure to get into all the crevices. It’s almost inevitable; so don’t get too worked up over it. It’s only if this pasty substance goes unremoved for long periods that it can become an infection, but that seems hardly a problem, even in the most removed societies.
Abnormal Situations
Now let’s talk about what isn’t normal, and what can become a problem: vaginal infections. These bacterial infections are due to an improper balance in your vaginal ecosystem. The result is an itchy, smelly, irritating, or burning discharge, which can be uncomfortable not just in your vagina, but in the surrounding labial tissues as well, and can also lead to urinary tract infections if left unchecked.
Does This Smell Infected?
The type of smell from these is different from what you should learn to be familiar with as your own scent. On our own, we might smell sweet, musky, a little sour, or overripe. I liken my own scent to a bag of gummi bears; sweet, but with a kind of funky sub-odor. Go ahead, buy a bag of gummis and sniff away; you’ll see what I mean. Vaginal odors also depend to a large extent on what we eat; if you eat a lot of garlic or onions, be prepared for that to be part of your smell—and in your axillaries as well.
But, as I was saying, these smells are normal, and not to be worried about. What you should worry about is a fishy smell, a rotten smell, or a beery smell. One word on fishy smells: after unprotected sex, you will probably notice a fishy smell. This doesn’t mean you have a bacterial infection. The interaction between the vaginal ecosystem and semen tends to create a rather littoral odor—which can be removed by washing quickly after sex and expelling as much of the semen as possible.
Rotten, fishy, and beery smells all denote vaginal infections and some form of discharge most likely accompanies them. Yeast infections are quite common, and can be brought on for any number of reasons, most commonly due to hormonal changes, excess sugar, or the use of antibiotics.
Traditional Treatment
Now, when many women get yeast infections, the first thing we do is run to the store for some goopy anti-fungal suppository. Which is uncomfortable to say the least. Three days later, we’ve run out of patience, and underwear. What if you could both treat and prevent infections through a much simpler and natural method?
Bitter Gourd, Sweet Results
Momordica is a type of fruit that can stop infections in their tracks, as well as helping to keep off new ones. It’s known as Bitter Melon in Vietnam and China, where it is used to introduce coolness into the body, according to Eastern medicinal traditions. (TRY: Natural Herbal Remedy for Vaginal Detoxification) It is truly bitter, one of the bitterest edible things I have ever eaten.  It’s naturally antibacterial, which helps the body to cut out the invasive bacteria, but it’s also hypoglycemic—sugar reducing.
These two actions alone account for its enormous ability in treating infections. In one stroke, to remove the food the bacteria feed on, and to aid the body in fighting them, make Momordica a great choice for women tired of relying on anti-fungals and pills.
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