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Intercourse Pain & Female Orgasm Dysfunction

Many women experience some form of pain during intercourse at some point in their lives. But when pain becomes the norm and is left untreated, the results range from avoiding intimacy and lack of sexual fulfillment to serious health problems.

Symptoms of pain during intercourse, or dyspareunia, vary widely and include:

  • Sharp stinging or burning at entry
  • Hyper-sensitive, painful clitoris
  • Sudden painful contractions or involuntary vaginal spasms
  • Deep ache inside the vagina
  • Poking or dull pain in the uterus
  • Deep pain during thrusting
  • A combination of sharp, stinging, itching, raw, burning, aching, dull or deep pain

These can also depend on a variety of factors, such as pain with every penetration, just certain partners or just under particular circumstances, such as inserting a tampon, or new pain after previously pain-free intercourse.

Intercourse pain can come from many causes such as inadequate lubrication, irritation, inflammation, infection, skin disorders, vaginismus, vulvar vestibulitis, reactions to birth control products (pills, gels, spermicides, latex condoms, etc.), injury, trauma or even psychological problems.


Try slowing down. It’s possible to get a lot more pleasure with less pain and less effort. Take the pressure off having an orgasm and instead, pay attention to the feeling of each sensation.

Relax with gentle touching or massage as foreplay. A breathing technique such as Harmony Qi Gong For Women during intercourse can also increase lubrication and realign the endocrine and nervous system for a pain-free experience

It’s important to explore all pain symptoms and possible causes with a physician, discuss alternative methods researched, and even seek a second opinion, as sorting through the different types and causes will lead to a more comprehensive solution.

Many natural remedies have been effective at targeting specific intercourse pain. Vaginismus, involuntary vaginal reflex or vaginal spasms can be relieved with a combination of Dong quai, American ginseng, saw palmetto, yohimbe, wild yam, and black cohosh .

Infection-fighters include barberry, goldenseal suppositories, the anti-fungal properties of chamomile, and aloe vera, which can be applied topically to relieve itching and burning, taken internally or used in a douche. Echinacea also has antifungal properties and is a good immune booster, and pau d’arco has natural antibiotic agents that stimulate healing. Vaginal suppositories of calendula and vitamin A are also soothing and healing.

Douching with infusions made from antiseptic herbs such as calendula, garlic, goldenseal, fresh plantain, St. John’s wort, tea tree oil and comfrey leaves can soothe irritation.

It’s important to avoid scented douches, body washes and shower gels as artificial fragrance can irritate or dry out the delicate genital area.

Last but not least, RELAX. Communicate what feels good and what doesn’t. Enjoy longer bouts of teasing foreplay; it feels good, stimulates natural lubrication and can reduce penetration pain. Experiment with positions; a woman on top can often better control penetration to her satisfaction.

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