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Poor Diet Leads To Poor Erection & Unhealthy Penis
Diet and exercise affect every part of the body, include the penis. The penis, like any other part of the body, requires good nutrition and exercise to say in shape. Exercise keeps the penile muscle and tissue healthy, and a good diet supplies nutrients to the penis to ensure a firm erection.

Many men who have a diet high in saturated fats and preservatives may not be providing their penises with the nutrients needed, and like the rest of the body, their penises will be out of shape.
Diet and Poor Erection
As you age, a poor diet and exercise plan can start to effect your erection. Having a diet high in saturated fats causes the arteries in the penis to loose elasticity.

When arteries loose elasticity it causes a buildup of atherosclerotic plaque. This buildup blocks oxygen and nutrients from reaching the tissue in the penis. When the arteries get blocked, blood flow to the penis does not receive enough nitric oxide to be able to maintain an erection.
Herbal remedies can help to increase the release of nitric oxide and to increase the flow of blood to the penis, enhancing erection quality. Many herbs aid in repairing damage to the penile tissue, enhancing the elasticity of blood vessels, and restoring and increasing erection firmness.

A few herbs included are Cnidium, to increase sex drive, Curculigo and Epimedium, to enhance erectile capacity, and Mucuna Pruriens, which increases the production of testosterone and other human growth hormones necessary for aging arteries.

SOS Help on The Way
GliSODin is one of the main supplements that can help repair the damage. GliSODin is an antioxidant enzyme derived from melon extract that protects artery function and vascular blood flow. It has been shown that when taken orally, GliSODin can increase the levels of SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) by 90 percent. SOD is an enzyme that prevents damage to the tissue by breaking down harmful oxygen molecules inside cells.

An unhealthy diet and lack of exercise can lead to bad cholesterol and the formation of artery damaging plaque. This long term damage to the penile arteries can lead to venous leaks and impotence. Men who experience severely damaged arteries and venous leaks are much more likely to develop erectile disfunction sooner. It is important to make a change to your eating and lifestyle habits once you realize that it is starting to effect your erections. Not only will healthy eating improve your erections, but it will also improve your overall quality of life.

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