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A Dip in the Sex Drive Tied to Menopause
Roughly 40 percent of women who experience menopause have a lower sex drive. Menopause is a milesteone, which every woman endures to signify the end of fertility. Menopause comes with various symptoms and side effects – lower sex drive being one of them.

Menopause does not necessarily have to affect the vitality of a woman’s body, her sex drive or health. When a woman is going through menopause, she struggles with sexual desires.  She can’t help but wonder why she is experiencing a lower sex drive.
What is menopause? 
During menopause, the ovaries stop making eggs and women will stop having a period. With the cessation of egg production, women experience a reduction of estrogen and progesterone that both cause hormonal imbalances. And while menopause typically to women ages 45-50 years young, the “change of life” can occur outside that range.  
The menopause symptoms, which include lowered sex drive, hot flashes, mood swings and altered metabolism, can last five or more years. Some women have a lower sex drive because they are not as aware of their sexual desires and do not get aroused as easily as they once were able to.  
Is this the end of my sex drive? 
Women can avoid having a lower sex drive for the rest of menopause. While there are varying solutions, women buy special products that function as hormonal and libido balancers, such as tofu, miso soup, soy milk, zinc, magnesium, soy proteins and DHEA, “The sex enhancer”
Low sex drive occurs because of the reduced stimulation. DHEA controls the relaxation of the clitoral muscle while increasing sensitivity and blood circulation to the clitoris area. Thanks to DHEA women can continue to have a healthy, vibrant and fun sex life even during menopause!

No one solution will resolve all issues of menopause. Nor will each solution resolve the issues that best women. Women will just have to continue to try new methods until satisfied.

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