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Change Your Appearance For Your Lover

The first lie you tend to tell your partner: “Babe, you’re perfect the way you are.” Your partner might have the perfect body, but lack the personality to supplement the looks. You might enjoy your man’s triceps, but his legs lack definition and tone. And while shallow and vain to view your partner in such a degrading manner, humans will always carry desires that could enhance their partners’ personality or looks. What’s important to understand is not your desire to get your partner to look a certain way, but the willingness of your partner to want to appear a certain way.
Your partner should be willing to change something about him or herself to suit your preference. It’s not selfish. It’s not vain. It’s an honest and acceptable practice. According to Psychology Today, looks matter more than couples wish to accept. In long-term relationships especially, looks don’t play too much of an important role in a successful matrimony, but small changes you make carry a huge impact.

Be Willing To Change

Ladies and men should both agree and accept the idea that they should remain opening to change certain aspects of their appearance. Granted, these changes should remain acceptable and within a reasonable means of accomplishing, for example, wearing your hair a certain or dressing a particular way.
Small changes to your appearance improve your attractiveness, and in long-term relationships, create a beneficial experience.

Unacceptable Requests

While its acceptable to ask your partner to start shaping up, an unacceptable request may be to remove or enhance certain body parts. Sure, you can ask for her to start wearing lingerie more often, but saying she should get breast augmentation surgery is unacceptable. If she doesn’t feel the urge to go a bigger bust size, you should not feel obligated to force her into something she does not want to perform.

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