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Deer Antler Testosterone Formula

Bill Romanowski was a four-time Super Bowl Champion, two with San Francisco 49ers and two more with the Denver Broncos. He was a two-time, all-pro linebacker—both with Denver. He attended one pro bowl, and he was known for his fervent style of play, which won him praises among teammates and scorn among opponents.

Yet few people know that Bill played in 243 straight NFL games, a record among linebackers. His durability as a linebacker and NFL athlete may be attributed to his incessant consumption of all-natural supplements. Every type of stamina-recovering, muscle-building supplement known to man Bill took. Bill understood the power and science behind most. He claimed to have felt stronger, faster, and younger thanks to most of these herbal solutions.

What Is It for
Poor sexual stamina and endurance
Low libido and desire for men over 40 (Male Menopause)
Unable to initiate sex drive due to adrenal fatigue and sexual exhaustion
Depressed sexual urge due to stress or testosterone imbalance
Ask Romanowski what supplements he took during his pro career, and you’ll more than likely hear Dear Antler among the bevy of herbal supplements he ingested. Deer Antler, a popular herbal solution for athletes and bodybuilders, remains a popular choice for increasing lean muscle and helping with recovery.

What It Is Formulated To Do:
Improves sexual performance and promotes sex drive
Increases the body’s production of testosterone
Elevates sperm count
Enhances stamina and endurance
Combats Male Menopause and Low Libido caused by sexual exhaustion
Proliferates nitric oxide production to provide a firmer erection
Formulated To Fix Low Testosterone Problems Based On These Healing Herbs:
Rejuven Papa [What to expect, See it]
Alpha Male Plus [What to expect, See it]
Kanabo Stamina [What to expect, See it]
The Growth and Harvest of Antlers
Young deer antlers grow at a fast pace. After they reach their final size, the cartilage within the antler solidifies becoming bone. Every spring, the deer will start growing antlers again, making spring the best time to harvest antlers.

During the mating season, male deer produce various growth factors and hormonal structures that allow them to experience multiple ejaculations and orgasms, sometimes up to 20 times per day. Highly potent growth factors, testosterone precursors, and sex-hormone-converting enzymes inside the antler help the animal recuperate within 5 minutes.

Deer Antler velvet exacts are humanely harvested in animal farms with absolutely no harm occurring to the deer. Most deer-harvest farms provide the creatures special feed with multi-vitamins, while the animals remain under the supervision of veterinarians.

In fact, Chinese and Korean cultures have treasured Deer Antler velvet, and they often incorporate the product into male libido and fertility formulas. Traditional Chinese Medicine formula books have discussed various exaction processes for preparing a deglatined antler.

Science Behind Deglatined Antler
Researches have found that deglatined Deer Antler contains various minerals, vitamins, anti-inflammatory compounds, growth factors, and enzymes.

Many growth factors such as Nerve growth factor (NGF), Insulin-like growth factor (IGF), Epidermal growth factor (EGF), Myostatin (GDF-8), and Growth differentiation factor-9 (GDF9) are the key components in promoting healthy arteries, arterioles, venous, and venule capillary circulation so that blood flow to the genitals is increased.

Deer Antler is often incorporated with Curculigo, Fo Ti, Schisandra, and Tribulus to synergize the sense of erotic feeling.

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