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Cuscuta Herbal Pills For Premature Ejaculation & Low Testosterone

You love sex. Your neighbor loves sex. Your friends love sex. Even your animals love sex. As you age, your love for the deed tends to diminish. Your partner may see a significant drop in estrogen, which results in menopause, while you see a drop in testosterone.

Like women, men start to see a dearth in hormones as time goes on. This loss in testosterone (DHT or testosterone metabolite) can occur sooner than you wish. Some men have reported a significant drop in testosterone around age 50; others, as early as age 35. The drop in testosterone can result in low libido, weak erections and early ejaculation.

This Solution May Help Men:
Who can't hold ejaculation over 20 minutes and who suffer from low testosterone
Who experience a hard time sustaining a firm erection
Who Live in a stressful environment
Who lose thier sex drive in the middle of sex
Formulated To Fix Premature Ejaculation & Low Sex Drive Based On These Healing Herbs:
Rejuven Astra with Cuscuta [What to expect, See it]
How Does Hormonal Imbalance Affect Your Ejaculation Control?
Remember the days when even a slight breeze would result in a rock-hard erection? Remember how long you used to last during sex? When your testosterone is low, the body starts to suffer from weakened erections, low libido and even premature ejaculation symptoms. Due to aging, sexual exhaustion, prescription drugs or other health problems, the body loses hormones associated with the sexual ability, including testosterone, DHEA and HGH.

Low testosterone weakens erection quality and libido, while too much DHT affects the prostate gland, PC muscle and ejaculatory nerves. Lower levels of DHEA, HGH and tesosterone can cause premature ejaculation caused by mis-regulation from Hypothalamic Anterior Pituitary-Testicular axis inside the central nervous system.

How to Regain Your Testosterone to Restore Your Youth
This formula provides the body with all-natural ingredients to help the body naturally increase testosterone to power an erection. Men who are currently suffering from Male Menopause, i.e., mood swings, irritability and low sex drive, may also find solace in the formula. Benefits include:
Increased testosterone
Reduced DHT levels (high DHT levels can cause premature ejaculation)
Improved sexual stamina
Reduced inflammation for better prostate health
Strengthened ejaculation valve for better endurance
Diminished hair loss caused by DHT
So How Exactly Do These Herbs Work?
These healing herbs emphasize the rejuvenation, restoration of energy and sexual competency for men over 35, or for younger adults who have experience similar symptoms for over six months.
Cuscuta Chinensis, Ostrea Gigas, Cornus Oficinalis, Rehmannia Glutinosa, and Sarsaparilla Jamaican are blended and synergized together to replenish and increase testosterone, while DHT production is prevented. The more testosterone and less DHT present in a man’s body, the better sexual vitality a man will feel. More testosterone and lower DHT will prevent agitation to the prostate and improve endurance. Overall synergic effects can help to restore HGH, DHEA and testosterone balance.

Cuscuta increases Nitric oxide production, fertility and erection quality. Five key molecules--beta-sitosterol, d-sesamin, 9(R)-hydroxy-d-sesamin, d-pinoresinol and daucosterol--increase cellular energy and protect mitochondria from ROS damages caused by free radical damage and toxic buildup.[1]

Cuscuta is often part of erection enhancement formulas. The herb helps increase the production of Nitric Oxide Synthease (nNOS and eNOS) within the penile tissues and intra-cavernosal pressure (ICP) inside the penis for harder, fuller erections all while improving a man’s control over an ejaculation.[2][3]

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