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Former Porn Actor: “My Penis Has Lost Nearly Two Inches”
I write a great deal about sexual compulsion and penis shrinkage, and as a result, I receive a lot of emails from people suffering from these types of problems. Some of the respondents are looking for advice, while others seemingly, just need to vent. Most of the messages are very similar in nature, but occasionally, I receive a message that surprises even me. Here is one email that I received from a former male porn star whom I will refer to as “Dave”: 
I read some of your stuff, and I could instantly relate. I did porn for almost eight years, and in that time, I must have done like 2,000 scenes. I was what's called a contract performer, and since guys don't make as much as the girls, I just did what I was told and basically worked for the studio year round. I was having sex almost every day in front of the cameras, and then I would have sex with my girlfriend (who was also in the business).

Like that wasn't enough, I masturbated at least once every day on top of everything else. My life was kinda like one constant orgasm. After a while though, I noticed that my penis, which used to be 9 inches, was barely breaking 7. I couldn't figure out what the hell was going on, and it was hurting my career. When I found out what I was doing to myself, I walked away from the biz (okay, there was a lot of politics that also caused me to leave). Now, I think everyone should be aware that all of that sex and masturbation can really cause problems. It's no joke.”
Dave is Not Alone 
Dave is hitting on a common problem that you don't need to be a porn star to understand. Your penis is a highly sensitive piece of flesh, and when you overuse it, you're contributing to a plethora of serious problems.

You're creating scar tissue, which blocks the chambers of the penis, and you're contributing to the buildup of plaque, which blocks blood flow to the penile arteries. As a result, your size starts to diminish, and you just can't hit the highs that you once did. Even WebMD, one of the world's leading health authorities, has acknowledged and outlined these serious causes and symptoms.
Dealing with Penis Shrinkage 
Have you begun to notice that your own size isn't what it used to be? Maybe your size hasn't diminished much (yet), but your erections aren't as rock-hard as they once were. Chances are your body is trying to tell you something. If you continue to abuse your penis with constant masturbation, the problem will only get worse. At first, the problem manifests itself in the form of slightly softer erections.

Kind of annoying, but not a huge deal. But then, you start to notice that the inches aren't what they used to be, and you're having a hard time distinguishing between erect and flaccid. When you have to pull on it just to tell if it's erect, this is not a good sign. It's time for some penile CPR (and no, that does not mean oral sex, sorry).
Getting Your Size Back – A Lesson for all of the “Daves” Out There 
Whether you make porn or just enjoy watching it, it's time for some tough love. Constant masturbation is causing serious damage to your penis, and with each day that you continue your indulgence, the problem gets worse. So cut back on the masturbation, toss out the porn, and focus on getting your penis off life support. 
For starters, try a massage to stimulate blood flow. Hold your penis in one hand (don't get any ideas), and use the opposing index and middle finger to massage firmly the entire length of the shaft for about five minutes. Additionally, there are certain herbs, like Cistanche, Deer Antler, Fo-Ti and Ginseng (Formulated from botanical concoction), which provide the necessary rejuvenation for penile growth. Most importantly, if someone offers you a lucrative and exciting career in the adult entertainment industry, just remember Dave.
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