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Your Penis Can Get Chapped, Even If You Don't Wear a Kilt
Scottish tradition requires that a Highland man let nothing get between him and his kilt--even undergarments. To be fair, highland men forgo undergarments because wearing nine yards of wool from a kilt make for an uncomfortable experience—especially in warm weather. Scotsmen, as many would believe, may experience irritated, chapped and peeled skin of the penis in higher frequency than other men, but no science can prove this claim.
Cold, Dry Facts
Chapping results from dehydration rather than temperature extremes. While most people erroneously assume licking the lips can keep the skin moist, the tongue removes natural skin oils that maintain moisture. Meanwhile, washing your face with harsh soaps and rough scrubbing can subject the skin to chemicals that cause dryness.
Identical warnings apply to your penis—lotions, rough scrubbing and soaps can strip the skin of necessary oils. Underwear does not wick moisture away from the skin; instead undergarments trap perspiration and create additional drying. Meanwhile, men who scrub their penises with too much pressure can cause chaffing and dryness to the skin. Even leaving your partner's body fluids on your penis can contribute to drying of the skin.
Risk With Masturbation?
Masturbating with personal lubricant can seem excessive, but like putting on sunscreen before sunbathing, lotion protects the skin. Constantly rubbing any portion of flesh will wear away the outermost layer of skin faster, an experience that can resemble taking the lid off of a bowl of water and setting the liquid out in the sun. Eventually, the water will evaporate; not a fate most men would choose for their penises.
I Need Protection!
You can start by adjusting your personal habits to maintain the moisture of the penis. Keeping it clean and finding a balance between rinsing and scrubbing will too help. Gentle skin cleansers and scrubbing will be enough for keeping a penis clean. Meanwhile, with masturbation or sex, find an affordable lubricant, preferably one with vitamin E, lanolin or other skin-protecting substances. You can also try skin-care products designed for use on your penis, a product that repairs and protects the penis. (TRY: Penile Dryness Relief Creams).
Even the hardy Scots know that your skin can only take so much abuse before discomfort ensues. Treat the skin on your penis with the same concern you show for your car or tools: use with care and caution.
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