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When You Can’t Do It Alone, Reach for ViaPal-hGH-S Formula: This Blend Helps Diabetic Men Maintain Erections
When Abby married for the first time at 36, she doubted she’d have children. This wasn’t for lack of wanting – she feared she was too old. Then, when her husband’s diabetes progressed two years later, her doubts deepened. Still the desire to be a mother persisted, and she told her husband they needed to at least to get pregnant.
“He wanted a family, but he didn’t want me to get my hopes up,” Abby says. “His doctor had warned us about impotence and damage to sperm quality caused by diabetes. But we gave the baby-making process our best shot.”
When the Best Isn’t Good Enough
Abby and Rick first learned that getting pregnant doesn’t happen after one or two tries. It takes repeated and persistent sex. This can mean making love even when the mood doesn’t strike.
“Rick’s doctor put us on a schedule,” Abby remembers. “We were instructed to have sex every other day for ten days, take a two-day break, and then start again. The idea was to keep fresh, mobile sperm in Rick’s body.”
Despite their repeated efforts, Abby didn’t get pregnant. She went to Rick in tears, expecting him to say they should quit trying. But he, too, had grown attached to the idea of parenthood, and they both realized they wanted nothing more than a baby of their own.
Then Rick started to experience erectile dysfunction (ED).
Another Wrench in the Wheel
Men with diabetes are up to three times as likely to develop ED. The disease effects sexual function in two ways: it impairs nerves responsible for sexual stimulation and also damages arteries that carry blood to the penis. When a man can neither enjoy intimate touching nor receive the blood flow necessary for an erection, he becomes impotent.
“My first thought was my husband no longer felt attracted to me,” Abby says. “That was like a blow to the stomach. Then I remembered this was exactly what the doctor had warned us about. I just didn’t expect it to come so quickly.”
“I was only 38 years old and afraid I’d never again enjoy normal sex,” Rick recalls. “I felt like I’d let down my wife. It was devastating.”
Race against Time
Rick and Abby pulled themselves together and looked at the facts. His sexual responses were waning, and her body was aging. They knew they didn’t have a lot of time, so they began meeting with different health care practitioners: a nutritionist, holistic practitioner and urologist. One recommendation stuck with them – to start an herbal regimen – and they decided to take that route.
“We ordered ViaPal-hGH-S formula,” Abby says. “It’s formulated with ingredients proven to repair damaged tissues and nerve endings in the penis. (TRY: Erection Help for Men with Diabetes) That’s exactly what we needed – a formula to help Rick achieve and sustain erections.”
“The herbs in the ViaPal formula also helped to improve sperm quality,” Rick says. “I was really impressed by that. Its dual actions in my body gave us a chance to have a normal sex life and start a family.”
The End Results
Abby and Rick followed exactly the directions provided with ViaPal-hGH-S. The first sign the formula was working came when Rick approached Abby for sex. “That hadn’t happened in a while,” she says.
As they made love, Rick could feel the strength of his erections. “I was much harder than I’d been in at least two years,” he recalls.
The best news came when, six months after starting the formula, Abby told Rick she was pregnant. “We’re going to have a girl,” she tells us with emotion shining on her face.
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