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Performance Anxiety Crisis - How an unsuccessful sex encounter can lead to emotional problems

When a man experiences performance anxiety, the long- and short-term effects can be greater than one may presume. Obviously, if such an incidence affects a man’s ability to engage in coitus, it will be of no small profound disappointment for him. Compound that with an adverse reaction from his potential partner, and you have a man that, depending on his own emotional resistance, can be traumatized. He can incur mental and emotional problems as a result of anxiety over his sexual performance.
The future of the sex lives of men who have had bad experiences due to performance anxiety is uncertain; they may be able to instantly overcome the nervousness that plagued them previously, or they can become even more hindered by it. The latter instance can be a dilemma of serious proportion. Men with a prolonged disposition for the condition may seek solace in the form of alcohol or drugs. The professional alternatives aren’t always ideal, either. Anxiety prescriptions often have their own ill effects on sexual functions. Creating a new problem to solve another is rarely effective.
Centuries before the first pharmaceutical company was built, natural herbal remedies had been used to treat sexual disorders like performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction. For instance, one formula that has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine is called the Natural Calm Remedy & Peace of Mind. It was designed with the theory that one who is calm and indulges in sex, does so successfully. Besides combating anxiety and improving sleep quality, nervousness is reduced and hypersensitive nerves are quelled. Feelings of despair, despondency, and fearfulness are overcome, as is worriment over sexual ability.
Essentially, by expelling metabolites produced during stressful and anxious states, herbal blended complexes that contain Chrysanthemum, Jujube Ziziphi, Schisandra, Dong Quai, and Paeonia can increase blood flow to the genital area, relieve the associated upset tightness in the stomach, and clear the way for a greater peace of mind. By combining formulas like the Natural Calm Remedy & Peace of Mind with such exercises as the Penile Ballooning Technique one may successfully begin to gradually rejuvenate their neuro-endocrine functions while boosting the production of the prostaglandins and Nitric Oxide that are essential for overall healing.

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