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Sex Position: Clitoris Cowgirl

The Clitoris Cowgirl, as the name implies, provides improved clitoral stimulation for a woman. Think of this position like a cross between competitive bull riding and sex. Except in this scenario, the man is the bull, and the female, well, the female is the rider.

Females will need to perform most of the work, but boy, will they enjoy the added workload.


Males will start lying on their sides, and females will start by sitting perpendicular. Ladies, you’ll want to place your legs over a man's hips to guide a male's penis into place.

Ladies, you too will want to move your buttock as close to your man as possible for improved comfort. And if you need a boost in elevation, use a pillow to adjust the angle of your vagina.  

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About this Position
Sex Position Number: 7
Difficulty: For experienced couples
Pleasure for Him: Low
Pleasure for Her: Very High
Not Suitable For: Men with premature ejaculation issues
Other Positions You May Like: Come Here Doggie!
Ideal Penis Size:  7 inches+
Stamina Required: High
Flexibility Required: Medium

Why She’ll Love It

Ladies, your man will do most of the thrusting, but you’re not going to sit idly watching. Heck no! You’ll be playing with your clitoris to give yourself an orgasm while he’s busy thrusting. And if he can manage, he’ll thrust and stimulate your clitoris to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Because you’ll be at an angle, you can squeeze your legs together to improve the tightness factor of your partner's thrusts.

Why He’ll Love It

Gentlemen, you will be doing some thrusting, but this position is designed to give you a tighter experience. If your lady has been lacking in the tightness department, you’ll remember the glory days of your sex life. And because your hands will be free—for the most part—you will stimulate her breast and her clitoris to hear her scream.

But men, be warned: You'll need a penis size of at least 6 inches or more to enjoy and to perform this position.

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