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An Expert’s Guide to How Penis Size Affects Pleasure

We live in a world where bigger is most certainly better. Everyone hungers for a bigger SUV, bigger TV, and if you ask any man, (Or hell, any woman!) a bigger penis. If you have ever been unable to sleep and been stuck watching late night infomercials, then you have probably witnessed all the strange contraptions man has created to increase his size.

Many of these gadgets look more like torture weapons than any sort of aid. Well, before you pick up that phone at 2:00am and order an overpriced, useless gadget, consider a much healthier solution to your down-there-dilemma.

The Herballove Editorial team disscusses some common--and not so common--tips to enlargement in "Methods of Penis Enlargement - A Guide To Understanding the Science of Enlargement."

While many men just simply want for a little extra where it counts, many others have deep insecurities regarding their size, or lack thereof. Shrinkage can occur for a variety of reasons. One major culprit is stress. Stress is detrimental to numerous aspects of anyone’s health, but it can pose an even more vicious threat to men’s sexual health.

Stress produces the hormone cortisol, which decreases testosterone production in men. Depleted testosterone can cause a slew of sexual issues for men including low libido, erectile dysfunction, and ultimately damaged penile tissues that cause shrinkage.

Size--It Matters
Another contributing factor to a decrease in penis size is a decrease in nitric oxide production in the body. Nitric oxide is essential in brain-body communication, and is elemental in penile health and sexual activity. When nitric oxide is diminished, (through excessive masturbation, male menopause, and other factors) shrinkage and damage to penile tissues can occur, as well as a host of other symptoms similar in nature to those associated with depleted testosterone.
Men may also have severely damaged penile tissues and not even know it. Damage can occur from past injury, excessive masturbation, or sexual exhaustion. Without the proper nutrients and care, the body cannot repair damaged tissues or regenerate new ones.

This eventually leads to stunted penile growth, or worse yet, shrinkage.  Ironically, many men find themselves with shrinkage-inducing damaged tissues that have actually been damaged by the same pumps or contraptions they used to increase their size in the first place! Pumps can rupture blood vessels and bruise tissues, hindering natural growth and also causing sexual dysfunctions.
So what’s a man to do? For starters, to enjoy numerous general health and penile health benefits, try to eliminate stress in your life. I know this is much easier said than done, but moderate exercise as well as breathing exercises may help to calm those stress hormones.  

Heredity is to blame for your small penis? Not really, find out why
Learn about one porn actor who experienced the ultimate sex occupational hazard: penile shrinkage in "Former Porn Actor: “My Penis Has Lost Nearly Two Inches."”

Secondly, put down the pump. Anything that seems too good to be true, typically is. Chances are good that rather than the “2 inches of growth overnight” you were promised, you will wind up with tissue damage that requires a lot of time and care to repair.
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