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Insufficient Testosterone: The Real Cause for Low Sex Drive

In the late 80s and early 90s, Jose Conseco and Mark McGwire proved to be a one-two nightmare for pitchers. Each could smack a baseball 300+ yards, earning them the name “The Bash Bros.” While the Bash Bros were racking up fantasy league points, each was building a reputation as a chronic steroid user.

And it wasn’t until retirement that Conseco confessed in a tell-all book that he, McGwire and a bevy of pro baseball players “Juiced” (used steroids) to perform better.

Juicing, Allegations and Low “T”
While Conseco was juicing, he too was starting to suffer from another ineffectual problem—low testosterone. For Conseco, it meant that each hit of the juice further depleted his body of precious testosterone. 
So why is all this important? Think of testosterone as energy. It’s energy used for healthy bone structure. It’s energy for the proper development of the gonads and penis. And it’s energy for sex drive—in both men and women. Testosterone levels can experience a decline thanks to steroid use, high body fat and even unhealthy lifestyles. 
For Conseco, his anabolic steroid use caused the development of hypogonadism, a medical issue that produced low testosterone and libido. What’s worse, he later admitted to getting testosterone replacement therapy but it helping very little with his mood swings, low sex drive and depression. 
Defining the Problem
For older men, and men like Conseco who chronically live unhealthy lifestyles, the body lacks the raw materials to manufacture the end products like sex drive, healthy bone structure and proper gonad development. His lack of regular internal chemicals left his body in a dilapidated state—sexless, depressed and moody. 
Your body, unlike any other machine, can repair itself. Low testosterone because of age, poor lifestyle choices and weight can be cured. Regular medical check-ups can impede low testosterone because of age.

Proper exercise can stymie weight gain that too can cause testosterone deficiencies, while avoiding tobacco and drugs can ensure your body remains in a healthy state. And thanks to all-natural methods for improving testosterone, males can find raw minerals like zinc to improve testosterone, while proper diet and exercise can all elevate the desire for sex.

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