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Too Much or Too Little Means No Bedroom Satisfaction: Thyroid Disorders Interfere with Normal Sexual Responses Like Erections and Orgasms
When Jamie struggled to stay awake after a full night’s rest, he blamed it on his job. He started going to bed earlier and earlier, too tired to enjoy his normal activities. His wife noticed and suggested he drink fruit smoothies and take vitamins. But these simple solutions didn’t work.
Cause for Concern
He gained weight despite healthy eating habits. This combined with the heavy sleeping gave him a puffy, swollen appearance. Then he experienced a truly alarming problem: he couldn’t sustain an erection, and when he was able to make love to his wife, he orgasmed within minutes.
“My wife moved out – she believed I was caught in some sordid lifestyle with bad women and street drugs,” Jamie recalls. “But I had an underactive thyroid, a condition that turns your body into everything you don’t want: overweight and under par.”
Jamie’s doctor prescribed medication to balance his thyroid activity. This first step in restoring his health worked slowly, but Jamie had to be patient. The thyroid plays a huge part in regulating metabolism. It also secretes T4 and T3 hormones to help cells use oxygen to optimum efficiency. Too little of these hormones, as in Jamie’s case, leaves cells and organs without the oxygen they need to function properly.
“T4 and T3 prompt sexual responses like arousal, erections and orgasms,” Jamie says. “It’s not that I didn’t want to make love to my wife, but that I couldn’t. My body was totally imbalanced.”
A Chance Encounter
The medication prescribed by his doctor helped Jamie regain his natural energy. Once he felt better, he bought a gym membership and started exercising. It was at the gym he met Andrew, an herbologist who uses natural remedies to treat illness.
“The thyroid controls many functions in the body,” Andrew says. “As an herbologist, I work to naturally treat thyroid disorders. For many people, this also means getting their sex lives back on track.”
Jamie told Andrew about his thyroid disorder and asked for a recommendation to help with erections and ejaculation. “I wasn’t having sex with anyone at that time, but I still masturbated,” Jamie says. “I couldn’t get a full hard-on, and my ejaculation was rapid and weak. I wanted to feel fully satisfied after an orgasm, not mediocre.”
Herbal Remedies to the Rescue
Andrew made a rapid assessment. “Jamie needed an herbal formula with ingredients like Irish Moss, Kelp and Passion Flower. Both thyroid conditions, whether over- or under-active, require hormone stabilization. (TRY: Premature Ejaculation Caused by Thyroid Hormone Disorder Remedy) Along with others, the herbs I just listed maintain proper balance of T4 and T3 production. They also stimulate the thyroid glands and rejuvenate penis nerves for harder erections and better control of ejaculation.”
Andrew recommended Nerve Axon & Thyroid Rejuvation for Premature Ejaculation & Thyroid Support. This formula contains the ingredients necessary for complete thyroid health. For added benefit, it calms ejaculatory nerves so men last longer in bed.
Men with overactive thyroids, like Andrew, can also benefit from an herbal remedy. “I have hyperthyroidism, the opposite of Jamie’s condition,” Andrew says. “I take a similar formula, Rejuven Axon with Motherwort, to calm my system and modulate hormones. Regular use has given me back the sexual pleasure I once missed.”
Jamie agrees. “I’ve since divorced but am in a new relationship with a fun, caring girl. The Nerve Axon & Thyroid Rejuvation formula allows me to have sex with her whenever and wherever we want. I feel completely normal, and after we’re done, I’m weak with satisfaction. She’s satisfied, too – I can tell by the smile on her face.”

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