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Spa-Looge! “Not Again!” – Tips for Tackling Premature Ejaculation
Nothing spells sexual failure more than premature ejaculation. I mean, if a man’s totally impotent at least he usually doesn’t set himself up for failure since many time his penis won’t even come out to play.

But when you start some hanky-panky and things get super-hot and heated, only to have an early blow-out and derail the hopes for having some more lengthy pleasure, a woman can feel cheated, let-down, and sometimes pretty pissed. Not only can this sexual drawback prevent a potential relationship from blossoming, but it can even end existing ones.
There are many factors that can lead a man to developing a premature ejaculation problem. From worrying about paying the mortgage and managing other bills, to problems at work or within our relationships, the stresses of modern life can greatly contribute to this issue. Or it may even be more physical, such as men who feel insecure with their body image, and/or penis size. Whatever the cause, here are some helpful tips on making this surprisingly prevalent problem go away for good.
Dude…What’s This All About?
Merely talking about the issue can be a huge relief and men who have divulged their problem have expressed having “a huge weight lifted” off of them. Some men who aren’t as expressive and tend to keep their feelings a little more guarded may find help in DVDs, books, or even sex therapy in order to not only learn more about their issue but also in order to see that they’re not alone.
It Ain’t That Serious!
In this busy world, many men are involved in activities that involve using a lot of muscular tension. If you find yourself engaging in sexual positions that involve a lot of abdominal contractions, you can increase the amount of intramuscular tension on yourself and increase the potential for popping your cork too soon. Stress reduction techniques, such as working out, meditation, stretching, and yoga are all great ways in which men can gradually unwind all of that built-up tension.
Building That Climax Bridge
This is a technique that many men have had success with and you can do it either alone or with a special friend, but first thing’s first. If a guy is by himself he can engage in a little self-sexy time with Mr. Happy downstairs. Bringing yourself to the point where you’d normally bust and then holding back can do a couple of things. First, it can strengthen your PC muscles which hold back your semen. It can also “build a climax bridge” between excitement and busting loose, and can identify the onset of an orgasm which allows you to time it so that you know when to calm yourself down and delay your climax. Performing these techniques will enable you to better control your orgasm and lengthen the amount of stimulation that you can maintain.
Crossing That Long, Long Bridge [Wink]
When a man’s confidence gets to a certain level and he feels that he is able to take things to the next level, there is more fun to be had as partner assisted pleasure can be a fun final step. Have your sex partner stimulate you by giving you a hand job or a good blow job and practice holding back your climax.
When you’ve conquered that phase, then maybe it’s time to step into the big leagues. While having intercourse with your partner, have her reach down and grasp your penis around its base with a couple of fingers. When you’re about to bust a big one, have her squeeze her fingers around your package and practice holding back your semen and calming down again. Repeat this practice several times before popping off and you will find that you just may indeed be a master at controlling your climaxes, which is sure to please her.
Using these techniques can improve a man’s ability to control his orgasms in just a few weeks. After you’re in command of things it may be hard to going back to being able to engage in “quickies,” but then on the other hand being able to turn into a wild energizer bunny that is capable of giving your partner hours of sweaty, toe-curling pleasure is a decent trade-off I reckon. Taking herbal calm pills to chill out your performance anxiety and smooth out your hyperactive ejaculating nerves (see how it works) are also very effective in combating premature ejaculation.
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