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Ring Ding Dong - What Went Wrong?
Tim and Suzy had been married for just a couple of years and besides the usual arguments and disagreements, everything seemed to be going okay. Things improved when they discovered a website featuring lots of kinky things that couples could experiment with in bed, and they began to incorporate some of these things into their sex life. However, just as suddenly Tim began to experience problems with maintaining a hard-on and Suzy became concerned.
“What’s wrong? I’m not pleasing you enough?” she queried at one point.
“No…I mean yes…I mean no that’s not it; I don’t know what’s been wrong with me lately. You’d have thought that I’d be getting bigger boners with all of that kinky stuff we’ve been doing lately,” Tim replied nervously.
They chalked it up to Tim being in his 40s and being overweight, and Suzy being more energetic as she was still in her 20s. Then one day, she came home with a cock ring after reading about how they can help men maintain proper erections, and Tim excitedly began wearing it when they had sex.
As their sex life improved dramatically, Tim started noticing that Miss Franco, the elderly lady next door, started saying things to him such as: “Hi Timmy, you can come over and water my pond anytime…” One day he brought it to Suzy’s attention.
“Well yeah…ever since you’ve gotten your confidence back you’ve been strutting around the house after sex with your cock ring on and your new bigger wiener swinging around, and uh…” Suzy cut her eyes toward the kitchen window, which was a mere 15 feet from Miss Franco’s kitchen window. As Tim looked over, they both saw the elderly woman looking back at them, but she quickly tried to play it off as if she were cleaning something off of her window and then disappeared.
“And you thought you were just coming out her for a sandwich,” Suzy said while her head, laughing.
Assault on Confidence
Whether it’s caused by being overweight, or experiencing a drop in sexual libido as with Tim, many men can see their sexual prowess begin to ebb and their ability to maintain an erection diminish. In other cases, men can become addicted to masturbation and as a result cause a build-up of scar tissue to occur within their penises; blocking off their tiny interconnected blood chambers which normally engorge with blood during arousal.
Whatever the case, men having erectile issues should keep on reading...
Let it Swing - with a Cock Ring
Cock rings have been around for a while now, and have been highly effective in helping men with erection problems. This is because when applied correctly, they can force the local blood supply which flows into the penis upon arousal to become trapped there. This results in long-lasting boners for extended pleasure sessions and a happy sex partner.
However, men have to be careful that they don’t wear ones which are too tight because that can result in completely cutting off the blood flow and cause numbness. Also, it is wiser to use cock rings made up of a soft stretchy material such as rubber, since metal rings can be more restrictive and potentially bruise your junk, even while just putting one on.
So make erection issues a thing of the past, but make sure your windows blinds are down if you begin to swagger around the house with one on (if you’re married) in order to avoid any unwanted attention form nosy neighbors!
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