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Men, Beware of Life’s Curveballs: Age Can Soften Erections and Reduce Penis Size Unless You Take Action
Kent had the best of problems: throughout his 20s, he could sustain an erection for as long as necessary. He bragged to his friends about his sexual prowess, confessing he loved “marathons” of two or three hours. It took a seductive girl to match his strength in bed, but his lovers all agreed Kent knew how to please.
Balancing Life and Love
“I had a few girlfriends when I was younger and some friends with benefits between relationships,” Kent recalls. “Sex is much more enjoyable when both people feel pleasure. I bragged about my erections because they helped me please the women I was with. Not every guy can go for two or three hours at a time.”
At 29, Kent met and fell in love with the perfect girl: easy-going, funny and eager to try new things in bed. “We connected on a different level,” Kent says. “The sex was amazing. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other.”
They married and had a baby when Kent was 33. He remembers this time well because it also marked a significant change to his body. Oddly, he could no longer maintain the erections that had once been so easy.
Not So Subtle Changes
“I thought it was stress from the baby,” Kent says. “My wife was stressed, so it made sense for me to feel the same. We started planning relaxing weekends, time for us to be home alone. We made love whenever the mood struck, but I couldn’t get those big, hard erections I once had. It was like my penis had shrunk.”
Kent’s wife crumbled with insecurity, and their sex life took a turn for the worst. Meanwhile, Kent couldn’t discuss his fears. He knew his wife wouldn’t listen, so he bottled his emotions and worried in silence.
“A man’s penis is a big source of ego. I felt like I had failed myself and my wife. She was used to a level of performance I could no longer give. My erections went from lasting a few hours to about 10 minutes. I thought something was wrong – maybe cancer or some other terrible disease.”
Unable to Sit Still
By the time Kent was 35, a chilly distance had cracked his marriage. “My wife assumed my weak erections were because I used all my energy on other women,” Kent says. “She accused me of cheating.”
He questioned his health as much as his marriage and finally gave in to his worries. “I made an appointment to see a doctor and took my wife with me. She needed to hear the truth.”
The holistic physician Ken visited tracked his health history, examined his prostate and finally gave a prognosis. “With age, men lose the ability to absorb nutrients from foods and vitamins. Like all tissues in the body, a healthy penis requires a fair amount of nutrition. Without it, a man can lose his erections.”
Hard Again
Kent’s doctor went on to say different products can be used to increase penis size and hardness. (TRY: Penis Enlargement Formula for Older Males) “My physician mentioned creams, powders and pills. I opted for pills because I liked the idea of working from within my body. These weren’t prescriptions – I purchased Extenze Extended Release capsules.”
“I didn’t expect a miracle,” Kent remembers, “but that’s exactly what the pills gave me. They increased my penis in length and width. I can last longer during sex, and that intense feeling of pleasure has been restored. Even better, my wife and I are back to where we were: unable to wait for bed.”
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