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Prostatitis: Understand The Symptoms, Save Your Sex Life
Prostatitis inflames the prostate, causing urinary and orgasm pain. About the size of a walnut, the prostate is a gland located just below the bladder that creates the fluid that carries sperm along. Therefore, prostate fluid + sperm = semen.

Prostatitis is usually the result of bacteria making its way to prostate, causing a multitude of unpleasant symptoms, including pain or discomfort during or following ejaculation. Identifying the type of Prostatitis you have and seeking treatment is essential to prevent further complications, including putting your sex life on hold! 
Types of Prostatitis
Prostatitis falls into two categories, bacterial and “other.” There are four variations of prostatitis overall: acute bacterial, chronic bacterial, chronic Prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain, and asymptomatic inflammatory Prostatitis. Acute bacterial Prostatitis is rare and potentially the deadliest.

Luckily, it is also the easiest to treat. Chronic bacterial Prostatitis is also uncommon, while chronic Prostatitis is the most “popular.” Despite the latter being the most common, very little is actually known about why it occurs.
Symptoms of Acute Bacterial Prostatitis
Symptoms of acute bacterial Prostatitis come on quickly and severely. They include chills, fever, frequent urge to urinate, pain and or burning during urination, lower back pain, genital pain, cloudy urine, urinary tract infection, blood in urine, excessive nighttime urination, urethral discharge, muscle/body aches, joint pain, and abdominal pain. It is most common in young men. 
Symptoms of Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis
Chronic bacterial Prostatitis occurs when bacteria finds an area of the prostate to thrive. Unlike the acute version, symptoms appear on a more gradual basis and include pain during ejaculation and urination, as well as inflammation of the abdominal and genitals.

It usually occurs when a man has a urinary tract infection. If treating the condition with antimicrobials, remember that such treatment is not always successful. It usually occurs in older men. 
Symptoms of Chronic Prostatitis
The most common type of Prostatitis, symptoms generally come and go, and can occur in men of any age. Symptoms include pain during ejaculation, blood in semen, genital discomfort, fever, recurring urinary tract infection, lower back pain, lower abdominal pain, and dysuria.

Note that asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis does not have symptoms, but is found when a doctor finds infection-fighting cells in semen or prostate fluid. This discovery is generally made while testing for prostate cancer or fertility, and is most common in older men. 

A variety of herbal remedies may help when dealing with an enlarged prostate due to Prostatitis. Get diagnosed and ask a natural health professional which herbs will best suit your condition. For example, plantago seeds contain anti-inflammatory properties that treat urinary tract infections, and also help with semen production.

Herbs such as Honeysuckle Flower, Eclipta, & Nettle that features antibacterial properties. It reduces swelling and removes pus due to inflammation, and improves circulation in the prostate.

Other options include Smilax Glabra Rhizome, Astragalus Complanatus, Os Draconis and Dianthus, all of which rejuvenate and repair the parasympathetic sexual nerves found near the prostate helping men with premature ejaculation problem due to prostatits.

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