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When a Prostate Burns…Is there relief to be found from Prostatitis?

The swelling. The inflammation. How long must you endure the problems of Prostatitis? It hurts to pee and to make matters worse, you have to pee too often! You’ve even developed a problem with premature ejaculation. And… is that blood in your semen?
My, we’re a mess, aren’t we?
Truth is, you’re not alone. Millions of men throughout time have suffered with this affliction. I know - they’re not you. So let’s focus on the ‘here and now’, shall we?
If you haven’t already consulted a doctor, do it! Once that’s out of the way - you’ve been cleared of any serious health risks that may be related to your discomfort - and you find that you still need relief, it’s time to consider a natural and safe remedy for what ails you.
Might I suggest the Supreme Botanical Solution for Prostatitis & Prostate Pain Relief? What’s that, you say? A botanical solution? That’s like, flowers, right? Well, more specifically, plants and herbs; quite special ones that are known for their medicinal properties.
For instance, Black Cohosh works as an anti-inflammatory agent, providing relief in response to sharp, tight, and spastic pain. It also inhibits the action of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which turns testosterone into DHT – a conversion that is one of the main contributing factors to prostate problems.
Meanwhile, the strange little herb known as Nettle contains various phytochemicals that are known for their anti-inflammatory effects on the prostate. Nettle root contains chemicals that may prevent or delay the growth of prostate cancer cells by interfering with enzymes involved in hormone conversion – and that’s a good thing!
But let’s back up a bit. Let’s investigate why you’re having prostate problems. Did you know that excessive sexual stimulation, masturbation, and ejaculation can actually lead to an overproduction of harmful little androgen hormones that cause the prostate to be fatigued? Androgen hormonal imbalances lead to an excessive production of the chemical known as prostaglandin E-2, and that triggers the release of the protein collagen that hardens the inflamed prostate, and causes it to enlarge. Don’t that beat all?
Uncomfortable chafing to your prostate and urethra can occur through excessive ejaculation and simple aging. A swelling urethral duct with an over-abundance of prostaglandin-E2 within a burning prostate can cause you to experience urination difficulty after ejaculation. I don’t mean to get too technical on you, but thankfully the potential solution is quite simple.
Herbs have long been known for their inherent medicinal properties. They are used to treat a wide range of ailments. They can be combined into formulas that are engineered to remedy specific problems, such as prostatitis. Now, long-term prostate health can be ensured through the tissue detoxification, improved urine flow, and reduced inflammation herbal formulas provide. Continued use of the Supreme Botanical Solution for Prostatitis & Prostate Pain Relief can help you gradually rejuvenate, heal and be free of those pesky prostate-related issues you’ve lived with for too long!

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