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Cock Blocked by Your Own Body? How The Thyroid Can Destroy Your Sex Life
It’s bad enough all the things that can go wrong before sex. There are so many tiny events that happen between meeting a girl and sealing the deal, and any one of those events can derail the entire thing. By the time you get to actual sex, it should be smooth sailing, right? But too often, things don’t go as planned.
Maybe you can’t get it up. Maybe you can’t keep it up. Maybe you can’t get her to orgasm. Maybe you orgasm too quickly. Maybe she’s boring. Maybe you’re boring. It’s amazing we can bring ourselves to have sex at all!
Mr. Not Yet!
But it seems like one of the biggest problems faced by men is the issue of premature ejaculation, aka, cumming too quickly. And there are so many, many reasons why this could occur. And unfortunately, many of the reasons lie outside mental control and require actual treatment, via numbing gels, detoxifying supplements, or hormonal realignment. But the body itself causes one of the reasons for premature ejaculation. And this is the most insidious variety of all.
Behind the Scenes
The thyroid controls many functions in the body. Almost all of them, in fact, from metabolism, to growth, to brain neuron production. These functions are controlled by thyroid hormones, either T3, triiodothyronine, or T4, thyroxine. Unfortunately, the thyroid has been proven to be a bit touchy, and can produce too much, or not enough, of these hormones for all kinds of reasons, causing all kinds of problems.
Not Enough
Hypothyroidism is when the thyroid doesn’t create enough of one or both of the thyroid hormones. Sufferers feel constant fatigue, sensitivity to cold, and weight gain—the thyroid controls metabolism, remember? It can also result in premature ejaculation for seven to ten percent of males with this problem.
Why? The body isn’t being prompted to create the hormones it needs to function properly. The normal hormonal checks to premature ejaculation aren’t in place, and the body is affected accordingly. Hypothyroidism today is almost always caused by an iodine deficiency, although it can also be the result of an injury to hypothalamus or anterior pituitary gland.
Too Much
Hyperthyroidism is when the thyroid is creating too much of it’s hormones, and consequently disrupting body systems again. Interestingly, more men experience issues with premature ejaculation due to excess thyroid hormones than due to the lack of them, with fully one-half of participants citing it as a problem.
With increased thyroid function, all actions of the body increase in speed. This can cause excessive weight loss, racing heart, hand tremors, heavy perspiration, nervousness or irritability, and sleep problems. As hyperthyroidism is similar to overclocking a computer, the body experiences all kinds of burnout, and terrifying symptoms of psychoses, sexual dysfunction, and body dysmorphia can arise.
However, the minor stages of hyperthyroidism can be almost without symptom, sans a few warning signs, such as the aforementioned premature ejaculation. It’s important to undergo thyroid hormone testing if you suspect yourself of having thyroid issues, as it’s not a problem you want to continue having.
Back in Balance
With that in mind, there is an herbal treatment that can quickly restore the body after issues with thyroid hormones. This formula contains herbs that naturally balance the body systems, as well as replenishing T3 and T4 levels, giving the overtaxed thyroid a well-deserved break. It’s also rejuvenating and restorative to the parasympathetic system—calming heart palpitations, relaxing the perineal nerves connected to the penis, and soothing emotional distress.
If you find yourself suffering from premature ejaculation due to thyroid disorder, do yourself a favor and try this supplement. (TRY: Thyroid Caused Premature Ejaculation Relief Formula) It’s nothing but invigorating, supportive assistance to your body, removing excess stress on your filtration systems, and assisting your body’s natural hormones to do their job. Only good results will follow.
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