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The Over-Caffeinated Zombie – Rekindling Your Sex Drive
Mark ran his own office – and in the last few months, he’d gone from a more understanding type of individual to more demanding and short-tempered. His employees had noticed this transformation but were too afraid to bring it up for fear that they might get fired.
This was a go-go-go sales office, and so Mark drove his employees to strive for better sales continuously. This also meant that he was a big fan off drinking coffee constantly. He was also a big fan of something else…masturbation. But not a normal cycle of self-playtime, rather more of an excessive thing.
He’d normally wake up and rub one out, then have a couple of cups of coffee, drive to work and drink more coffee all throughout the day in order to stay “go, go , go” and sharp, then come home only to masturbate some more in order to release stress and go to sleep. However, recently he’d been growing tired even after drinking coffee while at work, so he added energy drinks to equation.
Soon, Mark began getting horrendous headaches and he became even more moody and irritable, snapping at his workers continuously. One day while on his way to work, he stopped in front of the bathroom mirror and looked at himself and was shocked at what he saw. He had large, dark bags under his eyes, and he look disheveled and burnt out, like a shell of his former shelf. If it had been Halloween, people probably would have mistaken him for dressing up as a zombie.
A Glimmer of Hope
Finally, someone at work suggested that Mark turn it down a notch with the caffeine and he actually listened. This person was familiar with herbal remedies and suggested that Mark try taking an all-natural cleansing formula. At first Mark balked at the idea and talked about how he’d just go to his doctor to seek help, but the person warned him about the many side-effects attributed to pharmaceutical drugs. Mark eventually became more open-minded and invested in the formula.
In the following weeks, while taking the natural formula, Mark became less and less irritable and his energy level rose. The large bags under his eyes disappeared and he began looking like his old self again. He’d replaced his frequent coffee drinking with cups of healthy non-caffeinated herbal teas, and his employees cheered him on and their office became more productive because of Mark’s miraculous change into a happier, more inspired boss.
Double Whammy
Many people can come to rely on caffeinated drinks as a crutch to keep them in a “go, go, go” state in these hyperactive and stressing modern times. Unfortunately, highly caffeinated beverages such as coffee and energy drinks can wreak havoc on a person’s hormonal levels, and cripple the immune system. They can also lead to negative changes in behavior such as intense mood swings, and severe cases of fatigue which can have a person shambling around like one of the members of the undead.
People can also become addicted to masturbation, but for different reasons. Chronic masturbation can trick a person into thinking that they are rewarding themselves after a hard day at work, or to wake up with a jolt, but in reality they can be exhausting it of neurochemicals and androgen hormones. As this happens the body can experience a spike in norepinephrine, which in turn can open up the floodgates to prostaglandin E-2, an inflammatory hormone. This can not only result in a person experiencing less pleasure during each sexual session, but it can also put the body in a sexually exhausted state.
Needless to say, combined, excessive caffeine consumption and over-masturbation can really do a number on someone’s health and turn them into a burnt-out husk of their former selves. Luckily, there is a way to reverse this process...
Taking Back Your Health
If you’re experiencing this sort of severe burnout, try taking a deep cleansing solution. (TRY: Excessive Caffeine Premature Ejaculation Relief) These are specially formulated to cleanse a person’s blood stream on a cellular level. They can also help to improve blood circulation in order to transfer nutrients to the different parts of your body that need them – more efficiently.
In addition, these all-natural botanical mixtures can greatly enhance your liver’s built-in detoxification abilities and therefore expel excessive caffeine and other impurities from your body. They can also re-balance hormonal levels and get them back to normal. As this happens your energy levels can get back on track which means “go, go, go” for your sex life once again. This can lead to a strengthening your parasympathetic nerves for better ejaculation control as well.
In time, a person can transform from a shambling empty shell back into a raging, insatiable, sex fiend, and relationships that were on the verge of ending can become reborn in the glorious light of renewed sexual energy and prowess. So get yourself some real healing and revitalize not only your sex life, but overall health and well-being. You only have one body in this lifetime so take care of it!

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