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Her Frustrations: I Want Deep Penetration, But His Size Won’t Let Him

Long, short, thin and fat, the various shapes and sizes of the penis won’t guarantee a woman will reach an orgasm. Technique and personal preference will guarantee she reaches bliss each and every time, and while men can prefect their technique, sometimes, they won’t be able to appeal to her preference.

Take deep penetration for example. A man can be a decent 6 inches and still remain unable to achieve deep penetration. Men with even smaller penises will especially be unable to please a woman. So for the self-conscious man who frustrates his partner, here’s what you need to know about deep penetration.

Why She Likes Deep Penetration

Most of the vaginal sensory nerves that provide pleasure remain closer toward the outside the genitals, meaning that ladies may not get much stimulation from deep penetration. So what’s all the fuss about deeper penetration, then? Well, pundits don’t really know. Some experts speculate that deeper penetration allows ladies to experience the penis massaging the cervix, but some ladies experience pain when the penis gets even close to the cervix. Again, this issue depends on personal preference. Some ladies like to feel as if their innards are going to explode, while other gals enjoy the feeling of having to pee with each thrust.

How to Keep Her Happy

Well, the simple answer would be to become overzealous in your technique, oral skills or foreplay ability to compensate for your diminutive size, but sometimes that answer won’t suffice. No, sometimes a lady wants what she wants. You either oblige or find someone who will. Men who want to increase their size can try several techniques and supplements that target the tissue and blood flow to

  • Increase length
  • Improve girth
  • Heighten erectile strength

For example, formulas such as Natural Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement and Botanical Concoction for Penile Tissue Rejuvenation & Growth each will attempt to enlarge the penis either via length or width.

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