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Baby’s Busted Boner: He’s Too Young To Have Soft Erections, What’s Going On?

He’s still a young man, but his erections aren’t like they used to be. Isn’t eighteen the peak time for male sexuality? He can’t even masturbate like he used to. What’s the good in being young if your hard-ons aren’t even hard?
Case #:2085

I’m just eighteen, but I already sense my erections are less hard than they used to be. Aren’t I supposed to be in the prime of my sex life? I used to masturbate eight times a day, now I’m down to just two, and my boners are nothing like they were.

Wow, masturbating eight times per day? That’s insanity! It’s no wonder your erections are already going downhill, even at eighteen, when they should be at the top of their game. You’re right—eighteen should be a sexual breeze for a young man, but not when he’s burning through all the hormones his body is creating, and begging for more!
You’ve Got Your Pedal to the Metal

The reason eighteen-year-old boys have such highly touted sex lives, is because their sex hormones are basically in overdrive. Most boys at this age are pumped full of testosterone, DHEA, and adrenaline. “Young, dumb, and full of cum,” as Eminem so aptly put it. Testosterone keeps you horny, DHEA keeps the testosterone coming, and adrenaline keeps you always on the lookout for a new way to sow your oats. But when you’re cumming eight times a day, your body just isn’t prepared to dole out the hormones so quickly.
The Human Factor

You could reasonably expect to have sex and orgasm maybe two to three times per day at eighteen. Being alongside another human being also keys up your hormone levels, as does introducing alternate partners. It’s just physiobiology. But jacking yourself off any more than twice a day does not do wonders for your erections.
He’s Putting Out

It’s not just the use of certain hormones that burns your body out—although you will tend to burn through your testosterone, and then through your DHEA—exhausting your adrenal and pituitary glands, creating hormonal unbalance in your body. It’s also the hormonal side effects that are created when you orgasm, such as floods of dopamine and serotonin—chemicals that can wreak havoc on your daily life as well.
Say Goodbye to Rosy Palm

What you can do for yourself is to cut back on the hand jobs. Why not get a girlfriend? You might enjoy sex more and require it less than you do now, which will allow your body to slowly recover. However, you won’t be able to get completely firm until you restore your testosterone levels.
Don’t Jack This Up

This is where an herbal treatment could really do you some good. Cnidium Monnieri is a powerfully helpful plant. It contains ostholes—a phytochemical compound that encourages your penis to relax, similar to what nitric oxide—a byproduct of testosterone—would do. (TRY: Cnidium for Restoration of Erections) It can definitely bring your penis back to life, and set your body on the right track towards health again. You’re too young to be suffering from such a setback.

What to do

Revitalize Your Erections with Cnidium
A man’s sex life depends on hormones.

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