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Oh, Hello Morning Wood

Known by most men as the morning wood, a rock-hard erection in the morning signifies a healthy body. Most men are greeted in the morning by a stiffy. Men who constantly lack a morning erection could be suffering from a common symptom of low sex drive. The average male obtains an average of 3 erections per nocturnal cycle. Males who do not get a visit from the boner fairy often experience weak erections, unsustainable hard-ons and low sex drive.

Post-Traumatic Sex Disorder
Most men lacking morning erections tend to have low sex drives because of too much masturbation/sex. While sex and masturbation are not harmful in moderation, when done in excess, the body can start to lose vital neurotransmitters and hormones necessary for the sex drive. Men often suffer from post-traumatic sex disorders, or sexual exhaustion, a common condition that leads to low sex drive, hormonal imbalances, body inflammation and weak erections.

Fight Your PTSD; Regain Your Morning Wood
Morning erections are a sign of a health sex life. Men who consistently lack a morning erection may be suffering from an early symptom of sexual exhaustion. Men can improve their sexual vitality thanks to Panax ginseng, an all-natural herb grown in China. Panax ginseng literally means man root, and it earns its name thanks to its ability at
Improving the sexual nervous system
Enhancing adaptogens to improve resilience to stress
Increasing blood circulation for improved erections
Enhancing nitric oxide production necessary for erectile capacity
Relaxing penile arterial walls to allow blood to more freely
Panax ginseng helps ensure your erections remain hard throughout your natural sleep cycle. Thanks to the added benefits of blood circulation, the herb too can keep an erection harder for longer. If you start to lack morning erections or experience erectile dysfunction problems, Panax ginseng may be able to help.

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