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Non-Pop Fellatio Gels: A Safety Measure for Guys and Gals

Prior to giving fellatio, most girls (and guys) give their partners a stern warning: “Don’t finish in my mouth!” Men will oblige or face the punishment of never getting fellatio again. Unlike the pornos, ladies are not lining up and begging their guys to, “cum in their faces.” No, most ladies will gag, spit and run toward the sink in anger and disgust if any semen gets in their mouths.

For the fear of tasting semen, guys and gals will avoid giving head, while other individuals refuse fellatio because of hygiene concerns. Whether it’s for bacteria or fear a man will unexpectedly explode, fellatio gels offer a safe, viable alternative to giving head. No need to worry about a foul taste or an unwanted explosion, ladies and gents, fellatio gels slightly numb the penis and mask any disgusting smells.

Fellatio: Every Man’s Desire

Every man loves fellatio. Any man who denies enjoying the act is a liar. Most men like head because of the stimulation created from their partners’ tongue. For its small size and weight, the tongue remains a powerful organ used by the mouth to ingest food, fight disease and extract liquids. But the tongue holds other virtues, like sucking and licking, traits great for fellatio. Despite its small size, the tongue performs wonders during sex. It adds moisture. It sucks. It licks. It applies controlled movements the vagina can only dream of. For all of its virtues, the tongue can provide too much pleasure for most men to handle, making the tongue as powerful as it is dangerous.

Fellatio Gels

Fellatio gels serve two purposes: One, numbing the penis, and two, the gels add flavor to the ordeal. Most men might complain the gels will lessen their pleasure, but the products add a hint of numbing sensation to give males enough stimulation for the experience to remain enjoyable. While for the person giving the fellatio, the gel comes flavored to mask any foul smells. From mint to strawberry, the gels come in various flavors for couples to enjoy.

Benefits Overview
  • Improved taste
  • Enhanced endurance
  • Eliminates the fear of unexpected explosions

A dab of fellatio gels can be enough to make a man last longer during the ordeal. So if you fear an unwanted explosion in your mouth, don’t worry. With low costs and fast results, fellatio gels provide the best option for endurance and taste

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