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Anal Vibrators: A New Twist on an Old Device

What do butterflies, pockets, rabbits and eggs all share in common? They’re all name types for vibrators. From the famous butterfly variant to the small pocket vibrator, these oscillating toys offer stimulation for different parts of the body, from the G-spot and the clitoris to the prostate and the anus. While G-spot and clitoris vibrators remain the most common, anal vibrators continue as the least popular. Despite their lack of popularity, anal vibrators provide a nice change from the non-vibrating motions of anal plugs or beads.

Anal Vibrators: A Brief History

In the early 1700s, the French invented the vibrator. In the late 1800s, steam-powered vibrators were introduced to Americans. Finally in the 1900s, the modern vibrator came into existence--entirely on accident. According to National Geographic, the modern vibrator, invented by Gustav Zander, was meant to cure eating disorders, but instead, the object gave women more pleasure than increased appetite. Despite Zander’s mishap, the vibrator went on to become patented, and in the ‘90s, anal vibrators emerged as part of a booming Internet bubble.

Why Anal Vibrators?

For some men and women, the light stimulation from anal beads or plugs provides a weak form of pleasure. Sure, the removal of beads and plugs provides a wonderful sensation, but most men and women discover that the pulsating motions from vibrators elevate stimulation. More importantly, the benefits of these vibrators include

  • Multi-speed settings for enhanced anal pleasure
  • Easy-grip devices to prevent vibrators from being lodged in the rectal cavity

For couples tired of traditional vibrators or individuals looking to expand their toy collection, anal vibrators provide a welcomed change. With multiple speeds, easy-grip handles and narrow and thick entry points, couples can find suitable devices for their pleasure needs. 

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