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Growth Exercises Can Break Your Penis – and We're Not Jelqing Around

One moment he was engaging in seemingly harmless penis stretching exercises, and the next he was grappling with severe pain and inflammation. Learn the story, and discover the hidden dangers of penile growth exercises.

Case #: 939


A month back, I was doing jelqing exercise when I felt an excruciating pain in head of my penis as if I had pulled a nerve. The Penis head became red and I could make out tiny red spots on the tip. A few days later, I started feeling burning in my Penis shaft mostly concentrated towards the top. What can I do to help the pain?


Engaging in Jelqing exercises is a lot like turning the crank on a particularly terrifying Jack in the Box. Pretty soon, the malevolent Jack head is going burst from the box and ruin your whole day. In this case, it sounds like old Jack appeared in the form of red spots, nerve damage and severe penile inflammation (they say the devil takes many forms). Sadly, your story is not uncommon, as many unsuspecting victims are claimed by the Jelqing demon every day.

Jelqing – A Recipe for Disaster

Jelqing has been around for millennia, but with the emergence of the Internet, this age-old practice has seen quite the revival among sexually frustrated young men in recent years.

Unfortunately, the websites don't typically warn you about the serious dangers associated with this simple practice. Rigorous stretching can tear at the sensitive tissue, rupture the blood vessels, and consequently lead to an overproduction of inflammatory hormones like prostaglandin E-2.

So not only are you dealing with the physical damage, but at the same time, you're causing your body to be ravaged by painful stress hormones that only exacerbate the pain. Talk about getting an unwanted present beneath your Christmas tree.

Most guys would love to have a bigger penis, and some guys are willing to do just about anything to achieve it. But countless studies have proven jelqing to be completely ineffective, providing only the short-term illusion of growth. And even if it did work, what good would it do you if your penis was 9 inches long and covered in blood red abrasions?

So first and foremost, I would urge you to eliminate Jelqing from your vocabulary if you haven't already done so (logic would suggest that your experience would already have soured you on Jelqing, but when it comes to our penises, logic seldom enters the equation).

Break free from the Pain

Next, you need to focus on restoring the damaged tissue and blood vessels. Fortunately, there are a number of herbal treatments that can help. Cuscuta, Deer Antler, Rehmannia and Sarsaprilla Jamaican are just a few of the herbs that boost your production of important growth hormones (including prostaglandin E-1 and prostaglandin E-3), thereby rejuvenating the tissue and even promoting increased penis size. (SEE: Herbal Penile Damage Repair Formula) So to recap, say no to dangerous stretches, and say yes to natural healing herbs. Your penis will thank you.

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