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Jilted and Tilted

Each time she reaches orgasm, she experiences terrible lower back pain and vaginal spasms. She’s been using her vibrator, but not every day, although she would like to. What can she do to achieve “out of this world” orgasms without the pain?

Case #: 1458


Every single time I use my vibrator I get terrible lower back pain when I reach the point of orgasm. I only use my vibrator about 4 times a week because I know if I use it daily, which I would love to, it will cause terrible damage. I went to a doctor and I heard that I might have a tilted uterus. This makes sense because after plenty of research I realized that lower back pain might be due to that and my vaginal spasms because of the vibrator. Now I can't even orgasm. So much stuff and all I want is to be able to have some “out of this world” orgasms.


I’m glad that you’re being responsible about the use of your vibrator. I wonder if you’ve tried any other form of sexual stimulation to bring you to the point of orgasm, sans vibrator? It would certainly remove a lot of potential problems if you could wean yourself off of such a titillating toy...

Painful Place

However, your problem of vaginal spasms and lower back pain is not as difficult to solve as it may seem. You’ve done an excellent job on your research, now we can put your discoveries to work. A tilted uterus is almost certainly the reason for your pains—unfortunately for you retroflexed women, your posterior-facing uterus can be a source of angst rather than pleasure.

When the uterus points backwards instead of forwards, many of the normal sexual actions cause pain instead of enjoyment. Many sexual positions cause the head of the penis to bang into the side of the vagina, rather than nestling into the anterior or posterior fornaces. Furthermore, upon orgasm, when the uterus performs its “tenting” and rapidly flutters, the movement is seen by the body to be an attack upon the internal organs, rather than a normal sexual process. This is the source of your vaginal cramps and lower back pains

During orgasm, the uterus lifts and moves rapidly for a short duration; a process known as “tenting” and thought to have evolved biologically as a way to move sperm better through the vagina and into the uterus. This normally occurs over the bladder, where there is room for it to occur without negatively influencing anything. In retroflex uteruses, however, the position of the uterus during this time is very close to, and perhaps intruding upon, the gastrointestinal tract. You might not feel it in your lower intestine, but your body does, and sends out inflammatory hormones to respond to the “attack”.

Head Them Off at the Pass

The hormone in question is prostaglandin E2, a molecule created at the site of injury from two combined chemicals—one generated at the site, and one released by the body. This compound stimulates a bruising response: swelling, inflammation, sensitivity, and in internal organs—cramping. So what can you do to orgasm without pain? Cut out one of the two chemicals necessary for the formation of this bothersome byproduct.

A short-term solution is to take one of the following, or it’s generic equivalent: aspirin and ibuprofen. These drugs work by bonding with the on-site component of prostaglandin E2 and thus blocking those ports from the activating secondary ingredient. These drugs should not be used long-term, however, as they have the potential to stop all prostaglandin formation, and there are many types of non-irritant prostaglandins needed by the body.

In the long run, you must try to condition your body against the production of these prostaglandins at all. I’m recommending a formula that contains specifically soothing and calming herbs, such as Licorice. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Vaginal Restoration) This remedy also contains the detoxifying herbs Ginseng and Gingko, which will help your body remove the irritants once they are created.

I’m sure that these methods will soon have you experiencing orgasm without the pain!

What to do

Female Restorex Plus Formula

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