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Penis Shrinkage--How Age Is Affecting Your Size

Penis size is an issue of matter over mind. If it matters, you mind. Any man who says it doesn’t matter is either happy with his size or has accepted he has a small penis. And for aging men, the size of the penis can decrease millimeter by millimeter.

A man in his 30s may see his penis measures 6 inches, but by age 80, the same man will experience a decrease of about 1 inch. Any man used to a larger, thicker penis may complain about the sudden drop in size. Despite the penis shrinkage, men can prevent the issue and regain their confidence to keep the issue from growing worse.

Content Summary
Age, Hormones, and Shrinkage: An Explanation for Size

By age 80, testosterone levels will be about half of what they were at age 30. With depleted hormone levels, males will notice a shortage of erectile length, an increase of abdominal fat and a decrease in sexual drive. But how exactly does shrinkage occur thanks to age?

Men will experience a natural decrease in penile size; however, men can reverse this shrinkage. 

Plaque, a byproduct of poor dieting and aging, blocks the flow of blood to the penis. Men who experience higher cholesterol and weight gain notice larger volumes of plaque that further stuns blood flow, erectile strength and erectile size. Meanwhile, a buildup of inelastic scar tissue keeps arteries from expanding. Instead of soaking up blood like a sponge in water, the tissue remains without the necessary blood, and the nutrients inside of blood, to maintain its normal size or gain an erection.

Age and Chemicals: The Delicate Balance Kept by the Body
The human body earns praise for its temperature-control assets, its waste removal and its energy-control methods. All of these features are possible because of the hormones present in the body. As men age, the production of theses hormones and chemical reactions slow, causing a decrease in metabolism, height and penis size. Men over the age of 35 will start to see a reduced production of the following chemicals and hormones:

Keep your cell phone out of your pocket. According to studies, men who keep their phones in their pockets can experience difficulties maintaining an erection. Source: World Meeting on Sexual Medicine.

  • HGH
  • Dopamine
  • Testosterone
  • Acetylcholine
Learn how herbal complex and Deer Antler can provide the penile growth nutrients for men over 35 years.
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