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Shame, Disappointment, and Embarrassment – The Loss of Ejaculation Control

City life is harsh. That was the first thing that Josh thought to himself upon awakening. He squinted his eyes even though his bedroom was mostly dark from the drawn blinds. After a brief stretch he packed a bowl of marijuana and smoked it.
Josh was a “wake and baker,” a person who smoked weed as the first order of the day. Since he’d been out of a job in over a year he was collecting unemployment but that was quickly running out. After his smoking session he’d usually proceed to walk down to the local fast food joint and get his favorite lunch: a double cheeseburger with a large order of onion rings, and a jumbo diet cola. From there he’d stagger back home and smoke more marijuana.
One day while browsing through records at a local music store, he met a cute clerk who worked there. She was shy like him but after a few more trips to the store he worked up enough nerve to ask her for her phone number. A couple of weeks later the two met for drinks (which she had to pay for) and they went back to his dingy apartment.
Going in for the Kill…Not!
After some awkward small talk, Josh started kissing his date and the two ended up drifting from his couch over to his bed. After brushing some pizza boxes and burger wrappers off of his stained comforter they started getting down to business. They undressed and she went down on him – and he moaned as she knew what she was doing.
A couple of minutes in he cried out for her to stop but it was too late; he splooged in her mouth and she gagged and looked up at him with a look of utter disappointment. Now she wouldn’t be getting pleased in any way, shape, or form, and so she quickly dressed and bolted for the door. Josh tried to convince her to stay but was met with the sound of his front door slamming shut. How could this ever have happened? He’d been able to last 2 years ago which was the last time he got lucky enough to have sex. He gazed down at the marijuana pipe and burger wrappers on his floor and tears started to form in his eyes.
A Not So Good Message
It is more socially acceptable to smoke marijuana today than it has ever been. Weed smokers can be seen in music videos, movies, referred to as “cool” in many popular forms of music, and so on, but that doesn’t make it that less dangerous.
Marijuana contains toxins which not only imbalance a person’s brain chemistry and erode the blood/brain barrier, but it can also cause blood vessels to constrict; greatly inhibiting blood circulation. It also triggers the release of the harmful enzymes prolactin and prostaglandin E-2 which inflame different parts of the body, and can damage the ejaculation valve, leading to a loss of ejaculations control.
Many pot smokers are notorious for getting the “munchies” after consuming the drug, and will usually flock to fast food places in order to devour large portions of crappy over-processed foods which contain all sorts of hazardous fillers and preservatives. Eating this trash can further exacerbate the problems caused by marijuana use and cause a person’s blood pressure to skyrocket even higher.
All of this can spell disaster for a man’s sex life, and he can begin to experience embarrassing event after embarrassing event when attempting to get busy in the bedroom, because of his inability to control his ejaculations. So how can one turns things around in this regard?
Breaking it All Down
First of all, you are what you eat; literally. If you’re eating junk everyday then your body is going to reflect that. People who eat lots of fast food tend to develop high blood pressure because of all of the fat, fillers, and genetically modified ingredients contained in it. They also tend to be overweight and/or tired throughout the entire day.
If you’re a fast food junkie try making the switch over to whole foods which you can purchase at any grocery store as well as visiting your local farmer’s market. Fresh, free-range meats are an excellent source of protein, and organic fruits and veggies complement them very nicely. Pair that up with some skim or low-fat milk for calcium and vitamin D and you’re good to go. Correcting your food intake will help your body to begin to recover from all of the abuse you’ve inflicted upon it.
When you’re ready for the next step, try taking an all-natural herbal remedy in order to really get the job done. (SEE: Premature Ejaculation Caused by Caffeine Addiction Remedy) These contain specially formulated ingredients which can help to lower your blood pressure as well as stabilize blood flow.
In addition to this, they can also synthesize with your liver, bolstering its anti-toxin capabilities and turbo charging it in order to purify your blood cells and clear your entire body of impurities. As this cleansing process takes place your body will be able to hunt down and eliminate all of the harmful prolactin and prostaglandin E-2 which has accumulated.
In time, a man can recover his lost confidence and regain his manhood, and go back to be the hedonous sexual savage that he once was!
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