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Stress and Your Sex Life: What to do When Your Stress Level Comes Between You And Your Love One
Stress can do funny things to our bodies, yet we always seem to put ourselves in its path.

We take on extra responsibilities, offering to help a friend move or host a family party. Weekends are consumed by work responsibilities and even our vacations become something of a chore. Each moment filled with some site to see or restaurant to experience. Before we know it, we are overwhelmed. We love our friends and family and if we’re lucky our work as well, but more often than not we can’t see the forest for the trees.
You may see each individual extension of yourself as just “one small thing.” But that one small thing, when added to the sum of you’re already hectic life, becomes one very large thing. It’s no wonder why we lay awake at night wondering why we are so stressed out.
These bad habits can easily be transferred to our sex lives if we aren’t careful. If you’re anything like me, you hold yourself to a high standard in everything you do. This standard may be applied to our sexual techniques, and without realizing it, we’ve turned sex into another stressor: is my technique pleasing to my partner? Is my stamina lacking? There are dozens of stressors affecting us from day to day; sex should not be one of them.
The Exhaustion Effect
When we spread ourselves too thin, we put ourselves at risk for mental and sexual exhaustion. The results may include performance anxiety and not being able to maintain an erection, causing even more stress on an already frustrating experience. Many will eventually developed into severe premature ejaculation problems. Sexual exhaustion works in much the same way as mental exhaustion; they are both products of your overworked sympathetic nervous system. 
Our sympathetic nervous system regulates the release of hormones in our bodies, norepinephrine and cortisol, when confronted with a stressful situation, such as working long weekends or sacrificing sleep in order to watch a sunrise on vacation. The more tasks we take on the more we rely on our sympathetic nervous system to push us through the day. You wouldn’t expect yourself to drive a 16 to 20 hour road trip after getting only a few hours of sleep, yet we expect ourselves to run our lives on just that.
What to do
One method for staving off sexual and mental exhaustion is to improve the quality of sleep you get. Salidroside, an all-natural herbal anti-depressant, can help to calm the mind, turning those sleepless nights into the respite your mind need in order to live up to your high standards...(see how it works)
The active ingredient in Salidroside, Tyrosol, a glucose found in the Rhodiola genus and present in Salidroside, is a natural anti-depressant that has a calming effect on the body and mind. Use of the herb is a natural and healthy way to take the edge off your day, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep.
With a rested mind, comes a rested sympathetic nervous system. We can regain a normal, sexual self-image, allowing us to return to our natural, stress-free state and be relieved from thoughts of performance anxiety and not being able to maintain an erection due to mental and sexual exhaustion. 
Exhaustion can lead to dysfunction in our sex lives. The first step to regain piece of mind is to relax. Taking an herbal supplement such as Salidroside can help us to enjoy a healthier sex life by getting a good night’s sleep.
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