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Seeing Things? Eye Floaters Caused by Excessive Masturbation
There are many circumstances that may lead a man to excessive masturbation. He might be single, or his significant other may not possess the same kind of sex drive. Masturbation can serve as a general source of stress-relief, an action to rely upon in the quest for a temporary escape.

The ubiquity of the internet makes pornography a constant temptation, and it’s difficult to blame a man for succumbing to his desires. Regardless of the reasons, masturbation is a common part of many men’s lives. However, masturbation can lead to its own set of problems if taken to excess.
For men, eye floaters are one annoying consequence of over masturbation. Small specks or wispy strands suddenly appear and float in the field of vision, like scratches on a lens, or dirt on a windshield. Technically speaking, eye floaters are imperfections in the eye’s vitreous humour, the clear gel-like substance that separates the lens from the retina. As we age, these imperfections can naturally develop, or they can come about through some external factors, such as over masturbation. 
How Does That Happen?
There are two primary causes of eye floaters, both of which are exacerbated through over masturbation. The eye relies on a group of neurochemicals in order to regulate and maintain its function. If a man ejaculates several times in the same day, the levels of these neurochemicals become depleted. The eye then has less fuel to process what you see, which triggers a lag that the brain interprets as squiggly lines or spots.

The second cause, oxidative stress, comes about through a long-term deficiency of neurochemicals. If man chronically over masturbates, the accumulation of stress on the eye causes damage to the nerves of muscles in the iris. Eye floaters are a further symptom of this.
I’m Tired of These Obnoxious Floaters. What Can I Do?
In order to cure eye floaters, it is necessary for the eye to recover from the neurochemical imbalance rendered through over masturbation. Keep masturbation to an absolute minimum, or take some time completely off from all sexual activity. The right diet can also improve eye health and reduce the occurrence of floaters. Try to eat foods high in zinc, copper, and rutin, like roasted pumpkin seeds, tahini, and apples.

Herbs can also provide relief for eye floaters. The Herbal Treatment for Eye Floaters & Blurred Vision contains nutrients that speed up the eye’s own regenerative properties, thus relieving the effects of prolonged oxidative stress. European Black Currant aids in the elimination of eye floaters, as the berry contains the neurochemical, known as Cyanidin-3-glucoside (CG3), that the eye needs to process vision effectively.

Taking Black Currant gives the eye more CG3 to work with, and can reduce or even eliminate the slow processing speed that leads to floaters. The Herbal Tincture contains phytochemicals, which protect the eye from damage caused by the inflammation of tiny blood vessels in the retina.

In addition to these herbs, your prolonged eye health can benefit greatly from acupuncture, which increases blood flow and the delivery of nutrients to your eyes.

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