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Nine Inches Was Too Much - Petite women can be injured by well-endowed men…

We recently received an email from a registered Herballove user. Her story is quite common, and I thought others could benefit from hearing of it. With her permission, We reprinted her letter and my response:

I recently had sex with an old friend, all 9 inches of him. The next day I woke up with stomach pain, and the days after that my ovaries hurt and bothered me all day. Plus I was having a rusty/pinkish colored discharge. These symptoms led me to believe that he popped an ovary or something. Now I'm kind of itchy down there and my ovary still kind of bothers happened about a couple of weeks ago. I guess I should mention that I'm rather petite, 110 lbs and only about 5 feet tall.

Was he too big for me, and is that what caused the damage? Please let me know.


Thanks for writing in. Sorry you had such an awful post-sex experience. So, let’s diagnose what could have gone wrong. The rusty or pinkish colored discharge indicates that your uterus (or vagina) is bleeding. When the blood is oxidized, it will become rusty-colored. When the new blood mixes with the cervix mucus, the vaginal discharge becomes pinkish colored.

It could be that his penis had actually disrupted your uterus so much so that the uterine lining is still bleeding, which could cause you to experience lower abdominal pain. But there may be other reasons for the discharge. It could be pseudo menstruation induced by excessive sexual stimulation at the Epicenter (between the bladder and cervix). If so, the discharge and pain should be over in six to seven days - similar to your period. If the situation continues, you should immediately see an OB/GYN for a checkup.

Keep in mind; a petite woman's vagina depth is typically between only two to four inches deep, depending on your testosterone and estrogen level or the strength of the uterine-supported ligaments. Presumably, your vagina should comfortably accommodate a maximum of seven inches. When you have sex with partners who are larger than seven inches, I recommend that you use the back-entry position and close your legs so that your muscles can cut down his penetration depth. This way you can still engage in intercourse with whom you choose while preventing any further damage to your insides.

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