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Human Organ Restoration For Diabetics & Sexual Well Being

The Human Organ Restoration Theory combines Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western Scientific methodologies. Initially pathology, symptommatology and clinical therapeutics in the East and West were studied to produce the best treatment possible. With the precision of Western technology, the exact combinations of herbs were determined and their effectiveness evaluated.
The restoration of organic function accomplished by using Chinese medicinal herbs helped regulate physiologic functions while repairing the dysfunction of the pathologic organs. With the help of modern technology, the effectiveness of TCM can be verified through analysis. Once the effectiveness of the treatment is determined, the normal physiologic metabolism can be restored.


The Advantages of TCM

For most of its history, Western medicine has approached health from a different perspective, e.g. reactive, rather than proactive. Western medicine examines what is not working and attempts to introduce external, often synthetic, chemical compounds to compensate. TCM attempts to use individualized organic herbal formulas to rejuvenate and restore the body to its natural state.
An example of East versus West medical practices can be seen in the treatment of diabetes. Western doctors determined that people with Diabetes Mellitus lacked sufficient insulin and/or the ability to regulate the amount of insulin that their bodies produced. To combat the lack of insulin, Western medical experts allow diabetics to externally monitor and regulate their blood by injecting manufactured insulin.
TCM instead focuses its treatment on restoring the natural balance and functionality of each person's organs. TCM, more specifically, has developed formulas that help restore the pancreas and revitalize natural insulin production to regulate the body.
TCM offers many advantages that can be used on their own or to complement Western pharmaceuticals. The most significant advantages of the TCM include:

  • Thousands of years of classification, testing, and refinement of herbal formulas.
  • Often no side-effects due to natural ingredients.
  • Individualized treatment
  • No chemical residues, unlike many Western pharmaceuticals.
  • Treats the problem not the symptoms.
  • Rejuvenates the body's organs to correct symptoms at their root causes.
  • Revitalizes the body's natural immune system.
  • Long-term results.
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