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The Trials & Tribulations of Youth – Eliminating the Acne Menace Once and For All
I remember back in the day while I was in the 6th grade, I met this other kid named “Sam,” at least for the sake of this article we’ll call him that (in case he ever comes across this!). We were sort of rivals at first and then after some silly kid showdown stuff we became friends.
Sam was a bigger kid then I was, and was also pretty burly. The size difference was even more exaggerated because I was always a thin bag of bones kid and he had been held back two times, grade-wise. Another big difference is that he was going through more hormonal changes and had lots of acne all over his face and neck area. I mean seriously, pizza-face is really an apt description here as there were red blotches all over him.
So later that year we went off to summer camp and one night after a big camp fire the supervisors put us to bed in some cabins nearby. Since me and Sam were buddies they allowed us to be in the same cabin. As the kids in my cabin engaged in a little chit-chat I faded off to sleep…only to wake up later in the middle of the night to some strange grunting noises coming from Sam’s direction.
I didn’t know what it was at the time but now in retrospect Sam was masturbating. He did this every night that we were at summer camp and it was pretty uncomfortable to have to try to sleep through.
Growing Pains
Just as Sam was over-masturbating, so do many kids who go through that phase when they are changing from boys into young adults. It’s quite natural for a boy to think girls are “yucky” and “gross” one year, and then the very next start to become fascinated by the opposite sex. As this transition takes place, boys will begin to not only fantasize about certain girls and develop their first crushes, but will also start exploring their formerly “weird parts down there.”
Some boys play around with their private parts a few times here and there, others become more infatuated with it, and since their young brains are still developing these patterns can become addictive, just as with early street drugs or alcohol abuse. Once these behaviors become locked-in they lead to becoming habitual and they can’t seem to stop them.
A Closer Look
Too much masturbation can drain the body of androgen hormones as well as neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. This can eventually lead to falling into a state of sexual exhaustion, in which the adrenal system is switched to “high” and is on automatic pilot. As this happens, too many stress hormones are released causing the body to sweat abnormally, especially around the areas where there are the most oil glands such as the neck, face, and upper back.
Needless to say, this can put a big damper on a young person’s social life, and since kids can be very cruel, things can only become exacerbated further. This can lead to acne afflicted youth suffering from social awkwardness and withdrawal in the least, and deep depression and suicide in the extreme. Kids that have acne have a suicide rate of a little over 7%. So what can all of this be prevented?
Naturally of Course
The gigantic pharmaceutical industry would just love to sell you some sort of chemical-based gel, cream, ointment, or toner, but these usually only promise an acne clear-up instead of delivering one. Herbal acne treatments are different; they attack the problem from the inside out, and since acne is caused by too much sebum excreting from the sebaceous glands, real healing cannot be brought about by applying some sort of chemical solution.
Herbal acne treatments contain safflower, long known to increasing blood circulation as well as effectively repairing epidermal tissues. (TRY: Acne Reversal for Healthy Look) They also have Salvia Miltiorrhiza, which is good for your heart (it increases coronary collateral circulation). These factors can lead to both pulling you out of your sexually exhausted state as well as eliminating acne. So take back control of your life and invest in an all-natural pathway back to holistic health.
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