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Infertile men bear shame, embarrassment, and a sense of emasculation that can cripple their intimate relationships. Infertility doesn’t mean men are forever at a loss. Emotional issues, stress and anxiety can all alter a man’s body chemistry, allowing for a renewed sperm count and greater sperm strength.
Approximately 15% of couples attempting their first pregnancy are meet with failure. While we normally think of infertility as affecting women primarily, men suffer from it as well. Available data over the past twenty years indicates that men were the responsible parties in about 50% of all infertile couples. What's more, researchers have calculated that sperm counts of the male population have fallen almost 50% since the 1930s, likely due to dietary and environmental changes.

Reasons for Infertility: Low Sperm Count

Sperm count and levels of viable healthy sperm have become significantly lower in men. Experts believe that dramatic declining sperm counts are the result of over exposure to environmental toxins such as pseudo estrogen substances found in pesticides, dairy and meat products, and sometimes even in our water sources.
The most common causes for a reduction in sperm count include: emotional stress, a proliferation in temperature around the testicles, illegal drug use, obesity, malnutrition smoking, pesticides and even excessive radiation exposure. Individuals looking to increase their sperm count may try Walking Sperm Bank - Natural Ways To Increase Male Fertility & Semen Volume.

Wrong Way, Buddy, Wrong Way

A less common cause of infertility, reverse ejaculation, can also hinder a man from having children. Reverse ejaculation is often caused by diabetes, due to problems with the nerves in the bladder and the bladder neck that allow the ejaculation to flow backwards. Other causes include complications from surgery on the bladder neck, prostate or abdomen, and use of certain medications, particularly those used to treat mood disorders. Individuals can try a Harmonic Qi Gong Technique to help internal repair mechanisms for a better healthier recovery of reverse ejaculation.

Your Semen’s Life Is at Stake

Tight underwear, hot baths, saunas and even the proliferation of heat can all lead to unhealthy sperm. Drug and alcohol abuse can also have an insidious side effect on your sperm, poisoning them and permanently ruining their ability to penetrate an egg or survive a vaginal canal. Males who are suffering from less than healthy semen may want to try Male Reproductive Tonic Formula to help improve their semen’s health and mobility rate to improve their procreation chances.

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