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Losing Not Only your Concentration But also Your Hard-Ons – ADD Drugs
If someone from say…40 or 50 years ago looked at this crazy modern world that we live in today they would most likely think that everything is spinning out of control. Today’s world seems to be stuck on turbo. Everything is expected to be faster and faster; video games have more and more emphasis on fast action with a storyline as an afterthought. Movies follow suit – bringing giant orange fireballs and blood and guts to audiences instead of good storytelling and prose.
Did you know that the average workweek in for people living in European countries is 35 hours? That gives them more time to rest and relax, enjoy quality time with their families, and enjoy life with less stress…and they are as (if not more) productive than us Americans with our 40 hour workweeks. That’s because the less stressed workers are, they are more efficient and productive (and happier) they are.
Hurry Up!
Even in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) things have been sped up; about 15 years ago when fighters would hit the mat in a grappling exchange many folks enjoyed the complex human chess match of submission attempts, counters, escapes, reversals, etc., and audiences were quiet as these intriguing battles took place. Nowadays, when two combatants go to the ground they better be super active within a few seconds or the crowd will start booing them and crying out for blood. Now just about the only way (outside of a broken limb) to appease the MMA masses is for one the fighters get knocked out is some brutal fashion so they can be sated for a couple of minutes while they munch on their junk food.
And there are gadgets all around us; just about everyone under 40 seems to be glued to some sort of mobile device, frantically typing away or playing games, dangerously oblivious to the outside world. I’ve had people not only almost walk into me every day I go somewhere because of this, but they also walk robotically right out into oncoming traffic since their attention is focused on their little device. So what does all of this boil down to?
A Breakdown of Breaking Down
There are more people with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) today than ever before. With technology speeding things up, and the demand for corporations to improve their bottom line by making workers work faster and more efficiently, among many other factors, many people have problems with their concentration and focus.
Big pharmaceutical companies, which make an annual profit of $50 billion worldwide, seize upon this opportunity by charming members of the medical community, and through nice dinners and lavish gifts, entice doctors to prescribe as much ADD medications as they can.
These drugs often carry numerous side-effects (which are rarely spoken about by doctors) which can adversely affect men, including upset stomachs, nausea, insomnia, and various sexual dysfunctions such as performance anxiety. When you combine chronic masturbation (over-masturbation) with ADD drugs, performance anxiety only increases exponentially and can inhibit a man’s ability to get excited and aroused enough to produce an erection. No erection = no love life (besides whacking yourself off). So how can a man hope to reverse these unfortunate symptoms?
First, try reducing the frequency with which you masturbate. 3-4 times per week is fine but no more than that. That will give your body a chance to begin to replenish itself of all of the sex hormones and neurotransmitters that you’ve exhausted through your abusive whack-off sessions.
When you want to take things to the next level, taking a calming herbal supplement can be just what you need to get things back on track. (TRY: Calming Ejaculation Control Formula) These solutions contain all-natural ingredients which can bolster your liver and aid in its detoxification of your worn-out body. They can also repair your ejaculation nerves which may have been damaged from elevated prostaglandin E-2 levels.
If you’re having trouble sleeping they can also sooth your mind and allow for a better quality of sleep at night, and can even relax your entire body and prevent anxiety attacks and over-stressed states. All of these factors can eventually lead to the eradication of feelings of worthlessness, despair, hopelessness, and replace those with confidence, vigor, and a strong desire to want to engage in hanky-panky. So don’t put it off, get yourself some all-natural healing power now and get back into the mix!
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