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In the 14th century, the Catholic Church deemed the missionary position as the only acceptable way to engage in sex. Anal, doggie and the dual personality positions were considered sinful. Why? Because these positions were performed for pleasure—not procreation.

Times changed. Positions changed and so did sexual preferences. In the ‘60s the movement of free love encouraged unprotected sex. In the ‘90s, the AIDS epidemic changed the way people made love. In the 2000s, people started to go hairless in places they normally kept untrimmed. 
Throughout time, sexual preferences have changed, while most people retain the same preferences, habits and moves, couples may want to abandon this slacken change. Why? Keeping the same sexual habits leads to a routine sex life. Routine makes sex boring and prevents exploration, growth and most importantly—change.

New Habits to Consider

Staying current on new sex habits will keep your love life from growing stale. You’ll discover new moves in your list of effective motions, and you’ll learn upcoming methods that help you relive the excitement sex once had maintained.
Trim Job: Pubic hair serves one purpose: pleasure. Yes, your wild undergrowth is meant to provide enhanced stimulation during intercourse, but at times, the jungle of hair can prevent pleasure. For couples who maintain a head full of hair down there should consider shaving. Doing so will accomplish two things: surprise your partner and improve oral sex.
New Moves: You can always teach an old dog new tricks. A few new moves can revitalize a routine sex life. New moves will expose you to new pleasure zones, and help you discover areas you never thought your partner had before.
Different Locations: As you age, your kids tend to explore the world on their own. You’ll find yourself with a bit more freedom to explore new places. Try having sex in these new, uncharted areas. The living room, kitchen and even the garage can provide a bit more excitement than your traditional sex routine lacks.
Keeping up with the sex trends does not require too much work. Some simple knowledge can boost your sex life and improve your satisfaction levels. As you age, your standards and requirements should change too.

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