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Does Size REALLY Matter? - Investigating the Never-Ending Debate

Does size really matter? It is the age-old question that has haunted men for centuries. What’s even more frustrating is that there is no clear-cut answer. Generally speaking, however, the right size simply depends on preference and compatibility.

Most men are born with a small penis; others develop one. Find out why:
Over masutrbation
Penis Pain & Injury
Restrictive Clothing
High Stress Levels

 The average penis length measures 5.5 inches, but it’s all a matter of perspective - to somebody with a 2-inch penis, 4-inches may sound huge. Likewise, men who express dissatisfaction with a 6-inch penis and wish they had 8-inches. As for women, many feel that being attentive to their sexual and emotional needs is a far more important factor than the size of a man’s endowment.

Here’s What Men and Women Think:
  1. Amy, 32, says, “I should at least be able to feel some kind of penetration. If I don’t then he’s way too small for me. A man would have to be pretty small if I don’t feel it, but that’s never happened before.”
  2. Carol, 27, remembers how good it felt having sex with a man who complained that he was small. She says, “Even though he wasn’t the largest partner I’ve had, we still had great sex. He was such a funny guy and he did romantic things for me. Size had nothing to do with how much pleasure I got from him.” 

Though women don’t really seem to have a preference regarding size, men are still insecure. It’s often been said, “men worry more about size than women do.”

  1. Paul, 21, hasn’t had sex with his current girlfriend yet because he is afraid she will be unsatisfied with his penis size. He says, “I remember showering with friends after playing some ball. I always wondered if they were hung or if I was just small. I always felt smaller, which prevented me from getting naked with a girl.”
  2. Eric, also 21, has a similar story. “My first girlfriend was the first girl I ever had sex with, and we lost our virginities together. We had sex a lot, and I thought everything was fine-- until we broke up. I moved on and found my second sexual partner. The first time we had sex she said she couldn’t feel anything and asked me if I was even inside. I was burning with embarrassment and I haven’t had sex since.”
Importance of Size

Penis size is proportional to height, hand size or foot size. False.
Pornography can lead to penile shrinkage. True and False
Age can cause penile shrinkage. True.

A man’s endowment is a helpful attribute for pleasing a woman, but actions speak louder than size. The fact is - a man with a larger penis covers more of the women’s vaginal erogenous zones, which can lead to higher stimulation. But it doesn’t mean anything if the man isn’t equipped mentally and sexually to work his tool.
As for ways to increase a penis size – men can opt to increase their girth or improve their length. Each solution and technique improve either tissue rejuvenation or chamber expansion. Males may find a more satisfying sexual experience by keeping themselves and their partners happy.

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