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Five Reasons Why You Should Not Be Circumcised
Being an active athlete in high school and college, I was forced to shower next to other naked men. And when you get a group of naked men in a shower area, some will goof off, some will “walk tall,” and some men will hide their dignity to the rest. Ricky was one of those males who “walked tall” in the shower. He would show off his “manhood” to everyone—whether the person wanted to see it or not.
While Ricky was showing off his glory to the other males, he often complained about sensitivity issues because of his circumcised penis. See, Ricky had his foreskin, the natural covering that protects the head of the penis, removed at birth. While it was a normal practice for his family due their religious beliefs, the procedure was commonly practiced on adult men in his religious order, too.
And while Ricky’s parents think the foreskin as “useless flaps of skin,” it serves a vital purpose:
The Foreskin Enhances Sexual Stimulation
Without foreskin, Ricky had a tough time forcing the penile shaft to expand from flaccid to erect during stimulation. This double fold of skin functions as a specialized tissue supplied with blood vessels and stretch receptors that enhance sexual responses.

When the foreskin stretches, preputial nerve endings are activated and sexual excitement is increased. For Ricky, the removal of this material caused him sensitivity issues.  
The Foreskin Helps in Lubrication
Additionally, the mucosal surface of the inner lining of the foreskin has a specific function during masturbation or sexual relations. This lining contains special cells that produce a natural lubricant that makes it possible for an intact man to masturbate without using synthetic lubricants.

For Ricky, however, the thickened, drier tissue covering his penis required synthetic lubricants to make sexual intercourse less painful.
The Foreskin Keeps the Glans Moistened and Sensitive
The foreskin protects the head of the penis from keratinization, known as drying and abrasion. So for Ricky, his lack of foreskin could not protect against the elements. Instead his penis lacked the proper moisture and the head developed layer after layer of protective skin, which ruined his sensitivity.

When this protective skin dries and toughens, the glans lose a considerable amount of sexual sensation, explaining Ricky’s constant displeasure with sex.
Pleasurable Gliding Movement of the Foreskin
When a man is having sex, the foreskin glides up and down the length of the penis. This up and down action stimulates the glans and the sensitive erogenous receptors of the foreskin itself. The smooth gliding of the penis facilitates smooth and pleasurable intercourse for both partners. A sensation Ricky had no knowledge of because of the lack of foreskin.
Temperature regulation for more sperm
When a man is circumcised, half of the smooth muscle fiber that covers the scrotum becomes damaged. This smooth muscle covering is called Dartos Fascia and is responsible for regulating the temperature of the genitals. When the temperature of the genitals is regulated it enhances the production of sperm.

So Ricky suffered from sensitivity and sperm production problems too!

For those who are already circumcised, opt for Natural Solutions for Foreskin restoration.  While Ricky and no longer communicate, I hope that he too gets help for his sensitivity issues.

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