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Body Image: A Man's Insecurities
Men are sensitive creatures. Behind the masculine figure, the confidence and the ego, men concern themselves over their appearances the same—if not more—than women do. Men worry over their hairline, height, weight, muscles and penis size, and because they lack an outlet to discuss their insecurities the way women do, most men develop self-esteem issues about their bodies.
The Insecure Male
Ask a lady how many trusted advisors and counselors she keeps at her side. She’ll likely confide in a few who provide an outlet to vent, grow and discuss thoughts and emotions. While men may trust a small group of close advisors too, men, unlike women, do not discuss emotional issues.

Men usually don’t run crying to their male friends. A man doesn’t talk about how a woman exposed his insecurities. And he especially does not profess how emotionally distraught he feels. Nope, a man doesn’t express these emotions often because he feels the discussion would betray “acting like a man.”
The insidious side effect of “acting like a man” inspires an emotional state of insecurities. Men worry about their penis size, comparing their size to that of an adult film star. They see Ryan Gosling and think, “Damn, I wish I were that ripped.” Men even compare their looks to other men—although they never admit this deed. All this comparing and contrasting increases a man’s insecurities about body image, intelligence and financial worth.
His Insecurities, Your Problems
Men express common insecurities, some more troublesome than others. Most men with insecurity issues will experience one or more of the following relationship insecurities:
  1. Mr. Reassurance and Approval: Mr. Reassurance needs positive compliments to maintain his ego. He needs the approval of other people to feel confident and to know he’s “a man.” Sneering comments to his manhood cause major damage to his self-esteem.
  2. The Smother-er: A few weeks into the relationship, he falls madly in love with you. The Smother-er needs your love and approval to maintain his self-esteem. He wants to see you often, and if you cannot oblige him, he feels lonely and even angry. When the Smother-er experiences a breakup, he notices an onset of depression, loneliness and unworthiness.
  3. Mr. Jealous: He wants to control your every move, and the lack of control lets his mind jump to unwarranted conclusions. He views every man as a threat to him, and anytime apart from him can lead to a fight. 
  4. Mr. Distrustful: He lets his insecurities influence his thought process. Nothing you say or do can quell his distrust. He questions everything you do and remains suspicious of other people and your actions.
Common Insecurities
Men, as women, will experience a number of self-centered insecurities. For women, breast size, weight and body image remain common insecurities. Common insecurities for men include:
  • Penis size 
  • Financial worth
  • Sexual ability, i.e., stamina and technique
  • Hair
  • Body image
For men, overcoming these common insecurities will take time, while for ladies living with insecure men can notice some challenges. Still, men, when paired with an encouraging, loving partner, can overcome these insecurities.

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