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The Real Issue on the Male Low Libido
With age, the term "past his prime" can refer to many things, and when it comes to sex, it can be devastating. As men age, it’s common knowledge to see weight increase--and libidos decrease.
So what causes the vigorous male libido to become less, well, vigorous? Men get comfortable with their appearance and habits. They start to exercise less and eat more. When you combine eating habits with an aging metabolism, obesity is inevitable.
Dangers of Abdominal Fat
For men, such obesity focuses on one area of the body the most: their stomachs. Abdominal obesity is directly linked to a number of health-related issues from diabetes to cancer, and its limitations can create endless frustrations. Even more unnerving is that obesity is one of the most harmful factors concerning a man's declining sex drive. 
Most men often fail to recognize the correlation between their steady rise in age and usually accelerated weight gain. The issue becomes evident in the bedroom
But why exactly does obesity lead to low sex drive? Abdominal fat blocks the production of healthy testosterone levels. Fatty tissue, known as adipose, grows in size and mass. Adipose contains an enzyme known as aromatase that converts testosterone into estradiol.

The high levels of estradiol lead to low levels of testosterone. With little testosterone present in the body, males cannot gain a proper erection or experience the necessary arousal for sex. 
Proper Diet and Herbs
Proper diet and exercise are the cornerstones to not only a healthy functioning, well-maintained physique, they are also entirely necessary when defeating the obesity. However there is more to it, especially where nutrition is concerned.

The addition of natural supplements, specifically the herb Yohimbe, which is known to increase testosterone levels, as well as supply generous blood flow to the genital area. Other herbs, such as Catuaba, Cistanche, Maca, Cnidium Monnieri, Epimedium and Tribulus, meanwhile, help rejuvenate testosterone back to healthy levels
The inevitable act of aging doesn't mean a man must succumb to the limitations that time and getting comfortable can entail. The goal of a healthier sex life, and life in general, starts with ending the trend, by turning away from what initially damaged the desire and replenishing with what the body needs to achieve it once more.
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