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Strengthening Sex Muscles & Stop Leaking

Learn how to get a harder, stronger erection and how to prevent seminal leakage.

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I am a 24-year-old male who has been suffering from weak erections. I do not have any health problems and I workout often. During sex, I am unable to keep my erection hard, and I noticed a lot of precum. I want to make my girlfriend orgasm before I lose my erection. What can I do?


You are suffering from a weak erection caused by seminal leakage. Seminal leakage occurs when the parasympathetic muscles start to weaken. As the muscles weaken, they signal the ejaculation valve to release precum to stimulate the penile gland. The more the lubrication the penile gland receives, the faster a man will ejaculate.

Each time you masturbate, your parasympathetic muscles lose strengthen, leaving you more likely to experience wet dreams and precum. By minimizing your seminal leakage, you can improve your erectile strengthen and reduce precum

Excessive Masturbation and Wet Dreams

During masturbation and wet dreams, the parasympathetic nerves and muscles open the ejaculatory valve. The more these nerves are used, the weaker they become. Over time, they become so weak that they cannot properly open and close.

Think of these nerves as a rubber band. If the rubber band is continuously stretched, eventually it will be unable to return to its original shape. If the parasympathetic muscles are stretched and overused, they allow precum to leak out of the ejaculatory valve during sex. Once the precum begins to leak out, your erection will begin to go soft, even before you and your partner climax.

Strengthening Sex Muscles

Both young and old men can suffer from seminal leakage and weak erections. While excessive masturbation and wet dreams are the most common cause of the problem, high blood pressure, STD's, Arteriosclerosis, and drug and alcohol abuse have also been known to cause seminal leakage. All of these problems can weaken the parasympathetic muscles and allow semen to leak out of the penis.

An exercise known as the Start-Stop Method can prevent leakage. The Start-Stop Method involves stimulating the penis until the male is near climax and then stopping for 30 seconds. Continually doing this technique can strengthen the muscles that open and close the ejaculatory valve to prevent excessive precum during sex.

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