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Painful Nookie – Vaginal Intercourse Pain

Here, a man writes in who is concerned about his girlfriend’s intercourse pains and needs a little help looking for solutions...

Case #: 1316


My penis hurts my girlfriend’s pussy when I enter; after I enter she is fine. She can’t handle my penis, and it sores if we have sex for a long time. It sores bad after she almost cries. What should we do? Maybe we should stop having sex for a while until it heals?


I was watching a movie a while back and at one point during the film a group of girls were having a discussion about sex. One of them seeing a “bad boy” type guy and decided to regale the other women in the group about how this particular fellow was really working her super-good in bed, and that it “hurt so good.”

From Hurts So Good to Bad

You could tell by the expressions of the others that they were slightly envious of her sex life and one of them later conspired to try to get the sexually gifted male to secretly sleep with her.

As evidenced by the above storyline, some women seem to prefer a man with an ample package who knows how to make their vaginas “hurt so good.” However, in other cases there can be unexpected pains that are sharper and beyond normal intercourse sensations.

This condition, known as “dyspareunia,” can be caused by things such as a lack of vaginal lubrication, getting too happy (and rigorous) with a vibrator or dildo, a tipped uterus, vaginal spasms, and yes even dangerous sexual positions which cause a man’s penis to bump or rub the vaginal cavity at unnatural angles.

This can result in women viewing sex as a chore in order to please their partner and an overall unpleasant experience which they are unable to figure out the cause of. In a recent study, a full 60% percent of women have experienced intercourse pain at one time or another. So what can she do to alleviate this issue?

Natural Koochie Healing

Cease having intercourse with her for the time being and suggest that she take a trip to go and get checked by her doctor. Barring that it isn’t something more serious, after that she may be interested in seeking a natural solution; and that’s where the following information comes in handy...

Certain specialized herbal supplements can help to accelerate her healing process by boosting her liver function, which can detoxify her body more efficiently and effectively. (SEE: Hormonal Balancing & Vaginal Restoration for Painful Intercourse) These formulas can also naturally promote healing prostaglandin E-1 and lower inflammatory prostaglandin E-2 levels back to normal. Prostaglandin E-1 can rejuvenate and strengthen her vaginal muscles and tendons for better control and put an end to vaginal spasms as well as purge her body of any adverse effects from hormone based birth control products. So get her back to a pain-free sex life the all-natural way!

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